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MAC BB Cream Before And After Review Report

Mac Prep And Prime BB Cream Review – Now we are going to review the Mac Prep And Prime BB Cream which by the way, is the first bb cream I tried and have at the moment!

Because of that, I cannot yet compare this Mac bb cream with other brands but don’t worry I will relate here all my findings about this Mac Prep And Prime BB Cream so you can have an idea of how it works on a daily basis.

You have probably heard about bb creams, right? If not, you will definitely like all the claims that comes from the general bb cream concept. It is ideal for everyday makeup, because because it can function as a moisturizer,  foundation, sunscreen and in some cases it can even substitute concealers.

MAC BB Cream Before And After Review

To get things even better, it does not damage your skin like a regular foundation. Instead, it brings components that will improve skin tone, minimise pores, aid acne and some bb creams are even powered with anti-aging factors.

Why Mac Prep And Prime BB Cream?

The reason I choose the Mac Prep And Prime BB Cream as my first bb cream product, is because from the luxury brands I test (for foundation, concealer, powder), I always end up to the same conclusion: MAC is a go to brand for good coverage followed by natural looks.

I believe that the perfect make up is the one that you look fabulous at the same time that you look natural. So far, the Mac makeup  is the brand that I can find powerful products with good coverage, that brings a beautiful natural makeup effect.

For example, I have tried many foundations and my favourite is Mac face and body foundation. I thought maybe I should also try the bb cream as well. If you are a fan of  natural look, this is a good idea.

Now let’s have a look at the Mac Prep And Prime BB Cream review more in dept.

Review Of BB Cream By MAC

Before we get started, let’s have a look at the promises from Mac’s website. What does the Mac Prep And Prime BB Cream is supposed to do? On the website, you will see that the product claims to: blurs imperfections, control oils and evens skin tone immediately and  it says it has SPF 35 factor protection and moisturising ingredients.

Keep on reading and I will share my experience.


Still on the Mac’s website, the key claims from the Mac bb cream are those listed below and we will have a look at some of these points from my own experience after testing the product. Here is what they say the product will do for you:

Provides instant and long-term hydration
Offers broad spectrum UVA/UVB SPF 35
Retexturizes skin
Controls oil
Controls shine

Does that really corresponds the reality? I tested and I can share my impressions (from an oily skin perspective), about some of these points.
Mac Prep And Prime BB Cream Review – Provides instant and long-term hydration

I don’t really have problems on feeling my skin dehydrated anyways, but I can feel some differences the moment I apply. skin looks more unified. Not too much to talk about this aspect, just have nothing to complain about that.

Broad spectrum UVA/UVB SPF 35

It really smells like a sunscreen. This is actually a good thing to have on a bb cream, in fact I advise you always buy any foundation or bb or cc creams, with UVA/UVB protection. Why?

Yes you can get an actual sunscreen and use it before you apply your foundation or bb cream, anyways, but if you have ever tried this, you probably have noticed  your skin was way too oily and a heavy skin texture, specially if you have oily skin.

Does MAC Retexturizes skin?

Yes I can agree with this. I would not indicate if you have many heavy scars, or acne scars, etc. It is a very light bb cream. I love the texture thought. If you need a heavier  makeup product, I would not recommend that one. But if your skin is normal, and you like a natural look for your everyday activities, like going to work, college, school, etc, this is perfect. I really think the effect is very similar to a foundation, so yeah it definitely retexturizes the skin and even I feel like it minimise pores.

Does it Control oil And Shine?

Now things are starting to get a little complicated! I do not regret to buying this product and I will keep on using, but I have oily skin and I don’t think they are telling the truth here. My skin gets still oily after applying this Mac Prep And Prime BB Cream and shiny as well. The other day, I had to use a translucid powder, and that’s the way that will go.

BB Cream Before and After Review

Now  here I have a picture with bare face no make up at all, and right below you will have a picture after applying the Mac Prep And Prime BB Cream.

The BB Cream Before and After

Now we have the picture after applying Mac Prep And Prime BB Cream. I can see some differences. I did not apply too much though. Maybe if I wanted a little more coverage I could apply a little more of the product.

Do I need A Moisturizer?

I would recommend so. First of all moisturizer will not only prepare your skin, but will also, specially with the mac bb cream, help you spread the product trough out your face.

On top of that, it will help the mac bb cream stay for longer. I know that sometimes we are on a rush and need a very quick solution.

I know sometimes, specially in the morning, for those days that you are running late, you have no time to prep your skin.

But it will take only a few instants to apply your moist and you will feel better after all.

How Much MAC BB Cream Should I Use?

In my opinion, not so much. A tiny dot on specific areas you wish to cover, and then you can spread from there.

You can apply a little more under the eyes if you want to replace it with concealer as well.

Also, you can apply a little more on dots of acnes you want to hide. But in general, a small amount of MAC bb cream would be enough!

BB cream before after Review & Final Conclusions

For durability, what I have to say is that it is very satisfying. I even used it to go to the gym and after a long time it was still there.

Have in mind thought that if you have oily or combination skin, you might still need some sort of powder. I would recommend translucid powder for a more natural look and a cc powder.

The Mac Prep And Prime BB Cream can also be used as a primer, to maximize the effects. If you have an event or a special occasion, you can apply your favourite moisture, then apply a little amount of the Mac Prep And Prime BB Cream and then apply your favourite base foundation.

In general I like the product and will continue using. The effect is quite similar to a light foundation, which for me is perfect. If you are a fan of natural looks like me, you will love too. Perfect for the everyday situations, this Mac Prep And Prime BB Cream will do the trick will leave your skin covered, you will look very natural, as if you were not wearing makeup.

Have you ever tried the The Mac Prep And Prime BB Cream? If yes, leave your comments and share with us what was your experience! We want to hear from you! If you have any questions, you can also leave a comment and send it to us! Know anyone who would like to read this The Mac Prep And Prime BB Cream review? Share wit friends and spread the love! Big kiss!

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