Mac Face And Body Foundation Review: How To Apply It?

Stay tuned because in this Mac Face And Body Foundation Review you will know exactly if this is a worthy foundation or not, because I have tested this and will tell you all about it.

Here we will talk about durability, texture, and some other details you should look at while buying a new foundation such as: Is it really ideal for the full body? Hum..Let’s see. 

One thing I can tell you straight away is that the MAC face and body foundation is (in my opinion) one of the most ‘natural looking’ foundations out there, so if you like this kind of makeup you will definitely be very happy with it. 

It’s funny, I always have the same question when looking for a foundation, when I am in a makeup store: What is the most natural looking foundation you have here?

Mac face and body foundation review

One day,  I asked this very same question (it was actually the first time I went to buy a high end foundation). I remember the answer to my question was the MAC face and body.

Even though I love makeup and all, I am not a fan of wearing it too much, as I am a huge fan of natural looks. I believe less is more ( with all respect to those who enjoy putting lots of makeup. I think if you enjoy it, why not?) But for me, personally, it does not cut off.

Up to this point, still in store, I remember how I tried another foundation after the mac face and body and to be honest, I didn’t like it very much because the finish was too thick for my taste. I think it was the mac studio fix.

The makeup artist explained the mac studio fix would be more if you are on stage or for taking pictures while the MAC face and body foundation is for your everyday routine. The problem with the Studio FIX was, it felt artificial, which I think it’s not really necessary.  

Right in the beginning I was not quite sure if I wanted to invest that kind of money on makeup, but I remembered as one of my friends kept on talking to me, how crazy I was because one day I said I never tried MAC makeup. 

As I entered the MAC store asking the makeup artist I would like a foundation that should be very light and natural, I decided to listen to her. After a little more talk, I bought the MAC Face And Body Foundation. 

In this review here let’s talk about the MAC Face and Body Foundation and if it is really good. It’s a high-end product and therefore expensive, so it’s good to give it a little research before buying it. 

After trying, I thought to myself: Hum…maybe this is the one? 

So, let’s Get Started!

Let’s straight talk here, I was confused about a foundation that was ideal for face and body at the same time. But then I realise, look at this like that, let’s say you want to cover something on your legs, would there be makeup just for the body?

Of Course not. So let’s just assume the title is needless because all foundations can be used in your entire body if you want to use it as such, and if the coverage of the product allows it. Now, the question I was asking myself (and that you might be asking yourself as well), is it really good to cover body imperfections, or tattoos?

I personally use the MAC face and body foundation only on my face. I have stretch marks in different areas and this foundation did not cover it very well. So, in my opinion, mac face and body foundation is much more for the face than for the body.

Covering tattoos and stretch marks? I don’t agree, but what I can say is that this is one of my favorite foundations for my everyday situations. Even for parties, all my best parties I was wearing this foundation.

Mac Face And Body Foundation shades

Well…coming back to the mac face and body foundation for the face, my first impressions were like, this is kinda interesting…

This MAC foundation is a liquid-based foundation, the texture is very thin which is great if you are a fan of a more natural look this is the product for you. 

Despite this being a great product, I don’t think this is a full coverage foundation, if you do not have too much to cover, I think you should go for it.

Even for light dark circles, I still use a concealer and I think you should also use a concealer if you have acne scars.

For redness, I believe it would work fine, you will just have to build up more layers. The good thing about this foundation is that it’s so lightweight that you can layer it up without major problems.

If I like the Mac face and body foundation? Yes, I do. This is a great foundation for everyday gatherings. If you have a date, this cannot go wrong.

You will look fresh and natural. I am pretty sure your date will think you are the natural bare face type. (like…born this way type of thing…).

The only thing I really regret is that it has no sunscreen protection. That would be a bummer if they added sun protection 50+ (in my opinion…just saying).

But as I said, this is more for daily types of situations but I have also used it at parties and events at night with huge success.

So this is truly one of my favorite foundations and one of those foundations that you repurchase without a shadow of doubt. 

Mac Face & Body Foundation and Skin Types

This is a good foundation if you do not have serious skin problems. Also, if your skin is too oily, then you will probably not really like very much because it can leave the skin even oilier and shiny.

Quick Reminder: As I mentioned earlier, I personally use this Mac Face And Body foundation for all occasions, like even going to parties, etc, (but I know this base is  ideal for an everyday situation).

Perfect for a no makeup, makeup look. For example, to go to work, school, college, where you will have a good product on your face for a natural and fresh look, without overdoing it.

One thing I noticed is that even though there will be good coverage, some people have more problems with dark circles. I am not sure, but I think if you have deep strong dark circles, maybe another foundation would be ideal. I have seen some other foundations doing it better.

If you want to do a recording, or photography, or an event that requires a little more makeup, you should skip the Mac face and body foundation.

About the durability, I normally put it on when leaving the house and then I worry not about it. Most of the time I do not use anything but the foundation, and it works well.

Mac face and body foundation Review For Oily Skin – And all other skin types

If you have dry to normal skin, then I believe this would work really well even without applying powder on top.

But if you have oily skin, a light powder will resolve any shininess you might have.

I have oily skin myself, I believe that Mac Face And Body Foundation for oily skin works well.

Maca face and body will not stimulate acne and is easy to remove. So it wont leave your skin bad on the next day.

As I prefer the matte finish, I like to apply and finish with the Mac CC loose powder, in which I have already written a review. (Go check If you haven’t)

Review On Durability

Coming back to durability, as I said, I just apply when I am leaving the house, without retouching, and I never had problems.

I think it least hours and hours, like if you put it on in the morning, in the afternoon you will still have it all right.

Another aspect that I like is the quality of the Mac Face And Body Foundation. It does not leave me with pinpoints, as some other foundations do.

This is one aspect that makes me loyal to this mac face and body foundation for many years (I think 6 years more or less).

The foundation I was using before was an old Lancome foundation, and don’t get me wrong I like this brand but this particular foundation (which I don’t remember the exact name and think they are not selling this one anymore) had a rough finish which was not really an attractive to me.

Is it good?

Overall the foundation is a good product, I recommend. Even though I am open to trying new products.

I am not saying this is the definitely product you and I need. I like it, I have been using this for many years, but there are still improvements.

The name is already saying…The foundation. To have a good make up we need to start with a good foundation.

But it is a little deeper than looks, a good foundation will not irritate your skin nor will cause acne.

I decided to try big makeup brands just for one reason. It was not because of the brand, it was not because I enjoy buying expensive cosmetics, it is just because I have sensitive skin.

Very sensitive, most brands would leave my skin itchy, red, and leave pinpoints.

Having this in mind, by a suggestion of a friend I tried mac and it was good.

How To Apply Mac face and body Foundation?

If you are wondering how to apply this foundation, I must say there is no difficulty. The texture is very liquidy, so I prefer to apply it with my thingers. I think it works really well as well with a beauty blender.

Mac face and body light texture will allow you to spread it easily on the face with your fingers.

But as I know some people do not like this method, you can also apply easily with a make up brush or sponge.

My preferred way to apply it however is either with finger or wet sponge and I normally use the Clinique Surge Spray, to wet it.

Here are the steps I follow:

  1. Wash face with specific facial soap
  2. Gently dry you face and apply a primer or moist
  3. Apply sunscreen if you will
  4. Wet sponge with facial spray
  5. apply dots of Mac face and body foundation on your face
  6. Use the sponge, gently tapping it onto skin
  7. Finish with CC lose powder
  8. Apply facial spray to set the makeup

MAC face and body foundation shades

Mac face and body foundation has 13 shades, so you will probably find a good tone for yourself. The only complaint that I have is that they should have more options for darker skin.

Mac Face And Body Foundation Review

Source: MAC Cosmetics website

What people are talking about?

Ok, now that you have my opinion, I do not stop there. You can check what other people are talking about. I am sure it will help you a lot while deciding if the foundation is a good foundation for you!

Have you ever tried this foundation yourself? Is there any foundation that you absolutely adore? Use the comments below to share!

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