Mary Kay Charcoal Mask Reviews: Is It Good?

Today I’m sharing two Mary kay charcoal mask reviews, from my friends, but I also include my report after testing this mask!

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Mary Kay Charcoal Mask Reviews

According to Mary Kay, the clear-proof charcoal mask contains activated charcoal, clay, and botanic extracts that renew impurities inside the skin pores.

In addition, this clear-proof charcoal mask controls oleosity and evens skin tone and skin texture.

Benefits Of The Mary Kay Charcoal Mask

Mary Kay Charcoal Mask Reviews: Is It Good?

This Mask contains rosemary and mint extract that refresh and detox the skin.

In addition to that, honeysuckle botanical extract soothes and calms the skin.

I’ve shared a couple of benefits, but I think it would be nice to bring a bit more details about this mask:

  • Unclog pores, oleosity control
  • Provides deep cleansing
  • Shine control and brighter skin
  • Anti-pollution protection
  • Botanical extracts Soften the skin
  • Rosemary and mint extracts give an immediate feeling of refreshment.
  • Creamy and fluid texture and easy to remove.
  • You don’t need a considerable amount to cover the entire face (always avoid the eye area)
  • Prolonged and visible effect for up to three days after application of the mask – the skin appears firmer, clear, with controlled oiliness;

Mary Kay Charcoal Mask Reviews

Mary Kay Charcoal Mask Reviews: Is It Good?

My Review Summary 

It has a Tube-type packaging and creamy consistency that is really easy to apply.

Firstly, I cleaned the skin very well to receive the charcoal mask and applied it with the thingers.

It was easy and refreshing to apply, and I liked the smell like a camphor smell.

After applying a thin layer, I left it on the skin for 20 minutes, as the brand recommends.

When the mask dries completely, you can’t smile or make other movements, as it gets hard on the face.

At the pace that the mask dries, I had a slight tugging sensation.

To remove it is recommended to use warm water.

I used my makeup remover towelette with warm water, which I recommend because it makes it easier to remove the mask.

Right after removing the mask, you feel a refreshment on your face; maybe it’s the mint in the composition.

Mary Kay Charcoal Mask Reviews: Is It Good?


As a result, I felt the skin was really clean and purified, with a fantastic texture.

I liked how it controlled the oiliness and how soft the skin was for the first impression.

The brand recommends using this mask two or three times a week.

I am using it once a week, and I am starting to see some improvements in the skin texture.

It has been one month of usage; however, I haven’t noticed significant improvements with pores.

Here’s what to expect after one month of use:

  • Deep cleaning;
  • Clear pores;
  • radiant skin;
  • Clearer and more uniform appearance on the skin;
  • Decreased oiliness;
  • Immediate feeling of refreshment.
Mary Kay Charcoal Mask Reviews: Is It Good?

Who Can Use the Mary Kay Charcoal Mask?

It is suitable for all skin types, especially for oily, acne-prone skin of all ages.

If you have oily skin, you can use it once or twice a week. 

But if you have dry skin, test it out. I’d suggest using this mask every 15 days.

How To Use?

  1. Wash your face with a facial soap and rinse;
  2. Apply the mask all over the face evenly;
  3. Let the mask dry on the face and act for 10 to 20 minutes;
  4. Rinse with warm water and dry your face.

After Application Tips

You can apply this mascara while in the shower, as you can leave it on the face for 10 to 20 minutes.

After removing it, cleanse the face with micellar water and apply facial tone.

To finalize, it’s essential to use a hydrating moisturizer or serum for your skin type.

Clear Proof Mary Kay Mascara

What My Friends Say About It

I asked three friends that have the Mary Kay charcoal mask to write a quick review so we can compare different points of view. 

Here’s what They say!

Lara’s Review

My friend Lara uses the Mary kay charcoal mask way longer than I do.

In fact, she was the one who recommended the mask. I need to say that her skin is impeccable.

Lara has oily skin and loves it, as she uses this mask twice a week.

Lucca’s Review

On the other hand, Lucca has dehydrated skin, and decided to try this mask because I and Lara loved it.

Unlike Lara and I, Lucca used this mask just once because she noticed the skin got drier.

She mainly didn’t like this tight feeling even hours after the application.

At the same time, she didn’t notice any pore reduction

Clear Proof Mary Kay Mascara

Mary Kay Charcoal Mask Reviews Final Thoughts

Facial masks are deep treatments that contain many vitamins and nutrients for our skin. 

They can be extremely helpful to reduce pores, control oleosity, and remove toxins.

So, in addition to anti-aging creams, hydrating cleansers, and sun protection, it is good to add facial masks to your skincare. 

In this article’s Mary Kay Charcoal Mask Reviews, we have noticed that this mask may work better for those with oily skin.

It may still work for you if you have dry skin, but I cannot guarantee it.

Maybe it is better to consult the brand and ask for more details as results may vary depending on your skin.

I have oily skin, and it worked fine, and I felt the skin got purified. 

At the same time, I didn’t have huge pores improvements.

Overall, I must say this is a good product that delivered many benefits for my skin texture.

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