Microneedling Aftercare 101 Guide

Many people get worried about the microneedling aftercare, as it is a delicate phase of this wonderful skin treatment. 

If you are wondering how to keep up with this process, here you’ll get info about what to do, how to treat the skin, best products and practices for great skin recovery.

Let’s Get Started with the microneedling aftercare instructions!

How Does Microneedling Procedure Work?

Microneedling aftercare

Before we get to the microneedling aftercare instructions, let’s talk a bit about the microneedling procedure.

The microneedling procedure is an aesthetic treatment that uses several surgical steel tiny needles arranged in a type of roller that causes perforations in the skin. 

The needle perforations on the skin cells cause small injuries that increase vasodilation and stimulate collagen formation.

Benefits Of Microneedling Procedure on the skin

The microneedling procedure increases collagen production, reduces the appearance of deeper wrinkles, spots, fine lines, acne scars, blemishes and rejuvenates the skin.

Take a look at the list below:

  • Helps to reduce the appearance of enlarged pores;
  • Improves skin elasticity and firmness, not only treating, but also preventing wrinkles;
  • It can be performed for the treatment of acne scars;
  • Contributes to the treatment of stains;
  • Helps improve skin texture.
  • Stretch mark reduction;
  • Spot reduction;
  • Procedure causes little pain;
  • Reduction of expression wrinkles
  • Good results in a short time;
  • Stimulation of collagen production;
  • Improved absorption of products into the skin;
  • Restores scars, providing a better appearance;
  • Prevents premature aging

Ok all sorted by now, let’s talk about the post treatment!

Microneedling Aftercare Instructions

Microneedling aftercare

After the microneedling procedure, the skin may present slight scaling, redness, burning, and slight swelling, in addition to sensitivity to cold, heat, and especially to the sun. 

Microneedling aftercare instructions In a nutshell

  • Do not use sunscreen and avoid wearing makeup for at least 24 hours after microneedling treatments;
  • Do not expose yourself to the sun during the inflammatory process (three to five days);
  • Avoid contact with animals and dirty hands in the treated area, thus preventing the risk of contamination;
  • Use products with the authorization of the professional who performed the treatment, for better results.
  • Avoid heat, sun exposure, tanning beds, hot baths and showers while your skin experience redness
  • Do not exfoliate the treated skin for at least 72 hours. 
  • Wait  2-3 days to return to regular skin care routine
  • Avoid working out for 2-3 days
  • Use thermal water to alleviate the symptoms of the skin’s healing process
  • Avoid direct sunlight
  • Avoid products that contain glycolic acid or alpha hydroxy acids. Retinol A and vitamin C in the first two days
  • Remember not to use too much product combinations when resuming your skin care routine.

Note: If you feel the need to ingest anti inflammatory medications, please consult your physician beforehand. Normally, you will not need it.

Important microneedling treatments notes & Recommendations

Microneedling aftercare

It is not recommended to use any SPF for up to 12 to 24 hours after the microneedling procedure. 

However, passing this initial period, sunscreen is mandatory.

Avoid sun exposure in the first 30 to 45 days and always use sunscreen suitable for the skin, if you can use it with color to enhance protection.

Additionally, hydration will be your best friend during the microneedling aftercare, even if you don’t have dry skin! 

So remember to drink water and keep the skin hydrated with special creams and products that will ensure the best results. We will talk more about it later!

Quick Post Treatment Tips:

  • Associated with microneedling treatment,  you can use anti-wrinkle and lightening creams in between the sessions to improve and maintain results. 
  • For patients with blemishes, sessions can be alternated with chemical peels. 
  • For scars and deep wrinkles, the dermal tunneling technique can be applied in the same microneedling session, which detaches the lesion and increases the production of local collagen.

Post Treatment Side Effects

Microneedling post treatment

At the time of application, there may be discomfort and a burning sensation and eventually skin irritation.

Mild swelling or redness may accompany it, but it usually resolves within 2-3 days. Bruising (purple) may appear at the area of application, during the healing process.

Always look for a skin specialist to assure you have dedicated instructions on the care of your skin, and about the microneedling session. 

If you experience excess irritation, look immediately for a dermatologist.

Microneedling Aftercare: What happens during the aftercare?

Microneedling post treatment

It is possible that you can return to work the same day and even go back to your normal routine within 24 hours of your microneedling session, but be cautious.

To be on the safe side of the care of your skin, it is better to wait more or less three days to get back to a heavy workout.

Additionally, have in mind that the skin afterward is slightly swollen and reddened for two or three days.

Day 1: It is certain that the skin will be really red. During and after the process, it also bleeds a little. However, it lasts only a few hours.

Day 2: The skin will still be red, as it is a little burnt. The skin texture will be a bit though, your skin will be a bit messy, you may experience bruising but it is normal. You can use a light weight moisturizer that contains aloe vera to calm the skin.

Day 3: The skin coloration will start to get better, but the texture is still tough and it may be swelling. At this point, the skin will be very dried out and you’ll notice skin peels a bit in the next three days prior to the skin renewing phase.

The microneedling treatment doesn’t cause too much peeling. This effect only happens when larger needles are used and usually are very light, without the formation of crusts. Microneedling aftercare: Products you should have 

Microneedling Aftercare Skin Care Tips: What to Use?

Microneedling post treatment

Depending on the procedure, the skin is usually sensitive, reddened, peeling and the protective barrier is compromised, requiring special care.

Here you have a list of some skin care products that will help your skin look the best after performing a microneedling treatment.

Gentle cleanser & micellar water

It is better to be careful while choosing the right cleanser during the microneedling aftercare. 

The cleanser should be gentle with nourishing properties. The best solutions are paraben-free, alcohol-free.

Give preference to products for sensitive skin and it is a nice idea to use micellar water lotion for cleaning, to aid in this microneedling aftercare process. 

It is also a good idea to use a foaming cleanser. You can pick, for example, a cleanser that contains vitamin C and collagen that hydrates and improves skin texture.

It is also recommended to use skin care products that are free from soap, alcohol, dyes, and fragrances.

Vitamin C Serum

Vitamin C is a great indication of product to use during your microneedling aftercare, because it is anti-inflammatory, clears skin tone, and a good source of collagen.

Add vitamin C to your normal skincare routine, as It can boost the benefits of the microneedling treatment, helping with cicatrization and bringing nourishing anti-aging benefits for your skin.

Anti-Aging Firming Cream 

Microneedling post treatment

It is a good idea to invest in a good firming cream because it can reduce sageness, improve skin texture and boost elasticity.

Pay attention to picking a cream with great ingredients that will actually benefit your skin and choose a gentle moisturizer.

For example, you can choose a cream that contains collagen and elastin to regenerate and improve skin texture.

Down below you have a few more examples of ingredients you can look for while choosing a firming cream to use during the microneedling aftercare.

  • Q10: Coenzyme with antioxidant action. Fights free radicals and prevents collagen degradation, acting against skin aging
  • Vitamin E: antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and rejuvenating. Hydrates and regenerates the skin.
  • Retinol: derived from vitamin A, stimulates cell renewal and collagen synthesis, reducing wrinkles and toning the skin

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Filler Facial Cream 

Filler creams are great to treat and prevent signs of aging. These products can restore skin nutrients. A good ingredient to look for in filler facial creams is the hyaluronic acid that retains skin water leaving it more hydrated, firmer, and uniform. 

Facial sunscreen SPF 50

Apart from protecting your skin from sun damage, most sunscreens come with nourishing ingredients that treat your skin over time. 

If you have acne-prone skin, it is important to totally remove the sunscreen at the end of the day and use it even on cloudy days to keep powerful protection.

A good idea is to use a tinted sunscreen, that can also serve as a foundation.

Thermal water

It is a good idea to use thermal water because it is antioxidant, calming and may provide a certain relief on your skin during the microneedling aftercare time. 

Here are some other benefits you can expect by using thermal water:

  • It’s refreshing
  • Protects the skin from free radicals
  • Hydrating
  • soothes irritations
  • soothes sunburn discomfort

Home skin care routine Step By Step

Microneedling post care
  1. Wash your face skin gently, don’t rub, don’t use too much pressure and don’t use your washing tools such as makeup brush on the vulnerable skin.
  2. You can gently apply cold compress to help relieve the uncomfortable feeling
  3. Spray thermal water as well
  4. Use Vitamin C 
  5. Apply Anti-Aging Firming and Filler Facial Cream
  6. If you go out, apply sunscreen

How To Prolong the Effect of microneedling?

To ensure greater success in the treatment and general care of the skin’s beauty, microneedling must also be associated with a diet rich in proteins (which help to stimulate the formation of collagen in the skin), with daily sun protection (using sunscreen with SPF above 30) and drink a lot of water. 

Some simple habits can help prolong the effect of the procedure and, consequently, the benefits of microneedling. They are:

  • Good nutrition
  • Use of moisturizer and the right products as we suggested above;
  • Daily application of sunscreen;
  • Use blemish-lightening cream (as long as it is recommended by the dermatologist, if this skin dysfunction is being treated);
  • Daily skin care.

Interval Between Microneedling Sessions

It all depends on the purpose of the treatment, but usually, the interval between sessions is from two weeks to a month.

If microneedling is being done for skin rejuvenation, the ideal is to repeat the procedure in a month. However, if the treatment is for melasma, the time between sessions should be shorter.

The duration of treatment and also the interval between sessions must be agreed upon with the dermatologist, who will evaluate the best conditions in each case.

Microneedling Contraindications

You should not do microneedling under one of the following circumstances:

  • Active infection with herpes at the site or other infection;
  • Tendency to scarring with keloids;
  • Gestation;
  • Immunosuppression.

Pre treatment instructions

Proper care before and after the session is important to achieve a positive result of the technique!

For the pre treatment instructions, the first step is to assure that skin is well cleansed. It is a good idea to boost the cleansing with a facial tonic.

It is recommended that the patient suspend at least three days before the use of any type of acid she is using to avoid possible allergic conditions;

It is also recommended to ingest vitamin C, as it helps in the production of collagen.

Note: you should not do it if your skin is tanned, or has active scars and acne, or if you are pregnant.

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