Natural Makeup Looks To Get Inspired Today

for every occasion! 

I love natural makeup looks because no matter what you are wearing, or what you are doing, you can feel pretty confident it will work out.

I don’t know about you, but when I have a very important occasion, I never dare to wear another style of makeup.

In the next lines, I’m sharing with you some great natural looking makeup, but you’ll also find some nice to know tips and tricks for natural makeup looks.

Top Easy Natural Makeup Look Ideas

In this section you can find easy natural makeup that you can wear on everyday occasions.

They are perfect for date nights, as they are discreet, especially if you want to look naturally glowy and beautiful on the first date.

Some of these makeup looks you can also wear on a party, be it in a nightclub or a friend’s birthday at the beach.

The Sunkissed Neutral Look 

Simple easy Natural Makeup Looks

A classic easy and natural makeup look is also known as nude. In this look, the model is using a natural lip color, a dark neutral lip gloss, perfect for a nude lip.

Eye makeup is perfect for eye shape. We see she is wearing thick eyeliner, however, this is the only bold trace of the makeup.

The eyeshadows are shimmery brown but still very discreet, natural makeup that valorizes her natural beauty.

The brush is pale pink, perfect for her skin tone, finalized with bronzer, for sun kissed air. 

Sublime Natural Makeup Look

Simple easy Natural Makeup Looks

Beyonce’s natural makeup look is one of my favorites. 

She is wearing shimmer pink eyeshadows in combination with bronzing blush and nude pink lipstick.

The No Makeup, Makeup Look

The no makeup, makeup look is one of my favorites for a healthy natural look, that highlight glowing skin

The most popular no makeup makeup look consists of eyeliner, mascara, discreet blushes and a nude lipstick.

Simple easy Natural Makeup Looks

Of course you can add bronzer, for a sun kissed style and you will have the perfect.

For the eyes, it normally doesn’t apply eyeshadow, but you can add a nude eyeshadow tone if this occasion is more sophisticated.

To make it even more natural, you try using clear mascara that will lift your lashes up and give a natural volume to it.

The following image is another ideal of no makeup look for darker skin. She is wearing a golden brown eyeshadow with just the right amount of shimmer. 

Simple easy Natural Makeup Looks

Also, she is using fake lashes, which you can take off to look even more natural.

On the cheeks, a bronzing reddish blush, and on the lips a pinkish copper pearl lipstick.

The next no makeup natural makeup look is by Demi Lovato and is absolutely gorgeous.

Simple easy Makeup

On the eyes, I love the very long eyelashes and the eyeliner. 

It seems like she is not wearing foundation, maybe a concealer and a tinted moisturizer, showing her flawless skin.

On the cheeks, it looks like she is using a light pink/peach cream blush and on the lips, she is using a natural lip color, neutral lip gloss.

Another great no makeup, makeup natural look for dark skin is in the next image.

Simple easy Makeup

In the image, the model is using a bronzing shimmer blush on the cheeks.

In the eyes, I love the long fake eyelashes, which step out a bit of the no makeup but are totally optional.

If you want a more natural look, substitute the eyelashes for brown mascara, or clear mascara. 

On the lips, she is wearing transparent lip gloss.

Advanced No Makeup Natural Glow Look

Simple easy Makeup

This is almost a no makeup look but there you see she is wearing lots of mascara, false lashes, and the nude lipstick pinkish.

Still, we have here a stunning natural makeup look, perfect of any skin tone.

For the eyeliner style, she has a thin line on her upper lash line, as well as on her lower lash line. 

Simple easy Makeup

Even though Alicia Keys is using a shimmery blue/green eyeshadow, this is still a very natural makeup look.

This is a perfect example if we want to opt out a bit from the pastel tones. I love her nude lipstick though.

Natural Makeup For Blue Eyes

Simple easy Makeup

The model is wearing beautiful face makeup all made with nude shade.

Party Natural Makeup Look

Simple easy Makeup

In this beautiful natural makeup, you can see a healthy glow, naturally radiant flawless skin. 

In this natural makeup, she wears a brown barre/clay shade all over the eyelid while applying hints of golden copper highlighting.  

There is highlighting on her nose and chin as well. 

The lips are also nude but this time with a brown barre/clay shade that matches her eyeshadows.

Natural Golden Brown Natural Makeup Look

Simple easy Makeup

This is one of the most beautiful natural looking makeup in  my opinion.

I must confess that it doesn’t matter how hard I try to adopt a new style, I always end up removing any makeup different from this one and get back to it.

Let’s start with the eyeshadows that she applies on the eyelids and under the eyes.

There are probably two shades of brown, the darkest shade on the outer corner, and the lighter shades from the inner corner.

To wrap up, she blended shimmer copper eyeshadow on the top which sealed a natural makeup look for times when you feel bold.

For the lips, she is wearing light pink lipstick which is perfect for a natural lip style.

To seal it, she is wearing a pink pearl lip balm, for perfect beautiful lips.

Bronzer Natural Makeup Look

Simple easy Makeup

Kin Kardashian is the queen of natural makeup looks.  

The eye makeup here is gorgeous as she wears copper brown eyeshadows on the eyelids and under the eyes.

Even though you almost can’t perceive it, she is wearing eyeliner on the upper lash line.

However you can naturally see she is wearing eye crayon on the lower lash line.

On the cheeks, she has bronzing blushing and you can also see more bronzing contouring on the forehead, jawline and nose.

On the lips, she is wearing two lipsticks that result in a beautiful degradee. The lipstick shades are light brown on the outside, and pearl pink inside.

She is probably wearing a lip balm to help out with the lipstick blending.

Light Peach natural makeup look

Simple easy Makeup

What to say about this light peach natural makeup look? Just gorgeous, right?

In this Super simple natural makeup, on the eyes, she is wearing matte cream light peach eyeshadow. 

A tip is to wear a very thin layer of white shadow after the eyeshadow primer and then apply the peach shade on the top.

She’s also wearing eyeliner. On the top, she has a very thin line. On the lower lash line, she is wearing a white crayon pencil, that makes her eyes pop.

Glowy Bold Eyes Natural Makeup Looks

Simple easy Makeup

This is a natural look with a focus on the eyes. The eyes are bold with lots of lengthening eye mascara and thick eyeliner.

The lipstick is a mix of mac twig with mac light pink and on the cheeks pearl light pink.

In the next picture, we have another example of natural makeup with a focus on the eyes.

Simple easy Makeup

Megan Fox is wearing voluminous false lashes and is generous with eyeliner.

She has a bit of smokey black on the lower lash lines. The cheeks and the lips are light pink and the contouring is light brown.

Glam Natural Makeup Looks

Glam Natural Makeup Looks are very similar to the ones we have seen so far, but they have more pigmentation.

They have neutral eyeshadows, with bold lashes and eyeliner and oftentimes, you can add a red or another vivid color lipstick to it.  

Golden Soft Glam Natural Makeup Darker Skin

Simple easy Makeup

I love this soft natural makeup because it is very versatile, pretty ideal for all occasions day or night, summer or winter.

Great for going to parties and events, also to a date night out. 

The lashes are long and gorgeous, the eyeshadows are a blend of brown, with copper and gold.

The lips are very natural. She is wearing nude lipstick and a glossy lip balm.

Soft Golden Glam Natural makeup

Simple easy Makeup

In this natural makeup look, she has orange copper eyeshadow underneath shimmer brown-orange shadows and cintilante highlights in the inner corners.

She is also weaning long lash extensions with eye mascara for boosting length. 

We can see that she is using a lot of highlighting on the eyes, the nose, and before the upper lips.

On the cheeks, she has vivid peach blush and pinkish peach lip gloss.

Glam Natural Look Red Lips Darker Skin

Simple easy Makeup

In this look, Rihanna is using light makeup that valorizes her natural features.

On the eyes, she is wearing lots of eyeliners that contrast with the slight shimmery nude eyeshadow that goes perfectly on her skin.

Soft Glam Pink Lips Natural Makeup Look

Simple easy Makeup

This is a natural look, with cat eyes, on the upper lashes, long false lashes, and beautiful pink lipstick. @inbeautmag

Soft Glam Natural Makeup Darker Skin

Simple easy Makeup

This is another great example of natural glam makeup that gives you a chic and natural finish.

On the eyes, the model is wearing orange shimmery creamy eyeshadow on the top lid. Also, the cat-eye eyeliner makes her eyes pop. 

On the cheeks, a pretty dewy glow golden brown. On the lips a reddish lip gloss. 

Red Lips Natural Makeup Look

Simple easy Makeup

Here’s a perfect example of a typical glam natural look. 

The model is wearing a natural shade on the eyes. On the cheeks, she is using red blushing and the red lipstick is vivid red.

I think this is a great natural look for every occasion, be for the day and for the night you’ll feel really pretty.

Natural Makeup Looks Q&A

Let’s now take a look at important questions and answers with beauty tips that will help you achieve the best natural looking makeup.

Before you get started, make sure to take a look at this cool article to ensure you start with a smooth canvas.

Suggested reading: How To Prep Your Skin Before Makeup

What Do You Need For A Natural Makeup Look?

Now that you know  How To Prep Your Skin Before Makeup, we can get  ready for a smooth canvas, flawless skin!

1. Foundation

Foundation is optional for natural makeup, and you can substitute it for better alternatives such as bb creams, cc creams and tinted moisturizers.

Nowadays you can also opt for tinted moisturizing sunscreens which is the best option for the morning.

If you opt to use foundation, a good option is to use a very light foundation, my favorite is mac face and body foundation.

Another option is to use a color changing foundation which is a white foundation that adapts to your skin shade. 

Try to opt out and not to use heavy foundation while aiming to achieve a natural makeup look.

2. Concealer 

The concealer is a constant for natural makeup. As I mentioned, the foundation is optional but a good concealer will be your best friend here.

Give preference to a high quality concealer that blends well onto your skin that is powerful enough to cover dark circles. 

A good option is the tarte shape tape concealer and the mac light studio concealer. 

Tip: Always be gentle while using concealer. Use the ring finger to gently tap the area. Otherwise, you can even increase puffiness and sensitivity in the area.

3. Contour

I never use contour just because I don’t want to bother with the extra step. But you can and should use it if you use foundations of any kind.

Applying foundation can leave you looking flat, so the contour will leave your makeup more natural by mimicking the natural shadows of your face.

4. Powder

Use powder if you have oily skin and if you don’t like dewy finish makeup looks.

They are especially useful for everyday makeup looks that are achieved by matte makeup products.

For a natural makeup look, give preference to translucent and loose powders and always use a makeup sponge and a fluffy brush to apply it.

5. Bronzer

I like to apply bronzer above the contour before I apply the blush. One bronzer that I liked a lot was the MAC bronzer.

You can use creamy or powder, as you feel it is best for you. I recommend powder bronzer because it is easier to blend, as you don’t want the bronzer to be too protuberant. 

And ah, bronzers are optional, so if you don’t have one, I don’t think it will make much of a difference.

6. Blushing

Blushes are super important for the best natural looking makeup you will do.

What I’m about to mention is not a rule, but have you noticed that the large majority of natural looks have peach blushes on them?

It is beautiful and goes well on every skin tone. So, my recommendation is to use peach blush for flawless skin.

Another good suggestion for you to take note of in your beauty tips book is to always have portable creamy blushes on your bag.

Any time you go to the toilet you can retouch your blush for a fresh look.

7. Eyebrows

I used to use pencil eyeliner for eyebrows, but something didn’t feel right because the brows got too dark.

If you want a natural makeup look, use pencils that are specific for eyebrows or eyeshadows.

8. Eye Makeup

Eyeshadows are optional but you can still get a natural finish by using them. Just opt for natural shades, like pinkish, peach and pastel tones. 

It is also a good idea to have a thin line on the lash line and a brown mascara.

For the no makeup look, I like to use clear mascara which gives an incredible natural polished look.

9. Highlighter

Highlighting is also optional but you can use it for a special event for a soft glam natural look.

You can use highlights on the cheek bones, inner corner of the eyes, on the tip of the nose, before the upper lip and on the button chin.

10. For the lips

I think the lips are one of the most important parts of face makeup. If I could pick only one item for makeup, that would be lipstick.

For a natural makeup look, you can wear any lipstick. Put a red one for a big party or you use just tinted lip balm to go to work everyday, for a natural flush.

11. Setting Spray & Setting Powder

To wrap it up, it is essential to have a setting spray or a setting powder to make your look last longer.

What are the best eyeshadow palettes for natural makeup?

Now I am going to share with you a few eyeshadow shades that are great for natural makeup, no matter your skin color.

cool toned makeup

Naked by Urban Decay  has wonderful palettes for natural makeup. I love the palettes 2, 3, 4 and the cherry.

Another great option is the Bobbi Brown Love in the afternoon palette.

Final Thoughts

Become your own makeup artist and play with what suits your taste.

Play up with eyeshadow, foundation, bb cream, lipstick, there is no right or wrong to create your flawless beauty ritual.

Bobby Brown Eyeshadows

Despite the name, you can use these shades any time you want. The sky’s the limit!

Final Thoughts

Become your own makeup artist and play with what suits your taste.

Play up with eyeshadow, foundation, bb cream, lipstick, there is no right or wrong to creating your flawless beauty ritual.

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