Ombre Brows Healing Stages: Day By Day Process & Aftercare

Are you looking for more info about Ombre Brows Healing Stages Day By Day Process and aftercare? Follow the given healed powder brows instructions to prevent loss of pigmentation and keep brows in place for longer.

How Long Does The Healing Process Take? Does it take

The ombre brows aftercare (healing stages process) can take 7 to 15 days but varies from person to person.

During this time, You may feel that ombre brows takes forever to heal but be patient as it will be worthy.

Day By Day Powder Brows Healing Process

Right after your section, your brows will be very vivid, but they will fade in the next few weeks. 

Here’s what to expect during your healing stage:

Ombre Brows Healing Stages Day By Day 
Ombre Brows Healing Stages

Powder eyebrows Day 1

Brows will probably look too dark, but don’t worry, as it gets better afterward.

Be prepared because you’ll be tempted to scratch it, but you should not do that, no matter what!

It’s not the best feeling in the world, but it won’t bother you that much for sure. 

Day 2

You might feel it a little stinging, but you will be fine. At this point, your brows might look even darker, and redness may occur. 

Day 3

It’ll probably start scabbing a little and get slightly less red than the day before. 

Some professionals will recommend applying a thin layer of vitamin E on day 3. 

However, some professionals state it’s better to wait at least ten days to do something like that. 

Make sure to ask your beauty center to double-check what your aestheticist will recommend to you.

NOTE: Remember to gently apply a thin layer of any product using a cotton swab or your fingertips.

Day 4

You’ll notice more scabbing, but brows are not fading just yet. 

Your brows will also start to be itchy and scratchy at this point. Please take a few deep breaths and keep your hands out of it!!

Day 5

Now you are almost regretting you got your brows done because it will be very scratchy and itchy at this point.

In addition, It looks cracked and close to pilling your skin.

Day 6

On this day, it looks a little drier. Apart from itchiness, it will look patchy. And ah! Could you resist the temptation to pill it off?   

Day 7

Today, eyebrows will look very patchy and start to fade away. 

Actually, for some people, it will look quite faded. But things will start to get better soon.

Day 8

The color will fade about 10%, and you will start to feel better about how your eyebrows are looking.

You are probably not peeling anymore, and no more cracking. You will start to look more natural. 

Day 9

It looks way better and more natural on day nine. Scabby and peeling are gone, and all this is starting to make sense. 

Day 10 or 11

Phew! Last day! Congrats, you did it, and you should feel the relief. 

However, keep the guards up because there may still be some healing going on, so it’s still good to be careful. 

day by day powder brows healing process

Credits Visit The Instagram @beaubrilliance

Scabbing Day By Day Microblading Healing Process

Ombre Powder Brows scabbing may start on day six and continue until day ten. Some people may experience it for longer.

Ombre Powder Brows Scabbing
Scabbing Day By Day Microblading Healing Process

Credits: ChrisDauzBrows

How long do powder Brows scabs last?

Ombre Powder brows scabbing can take as long as two weeks, depending on your organism. But this is not a rule. I know this phase can be very annoying.  That’s why I am sharing a few tips that will help you during this time.

It is pretty simple to take care of scabbing. However, it is tricky because you should avoid water and still need to cleanse it simultaneously.

Use a gentle liquid soap. Apply it with the help of cotton wool, don’t rub it. Apply a little bit of ointment to finalize.

The Don’ts Of Powder Ombre Brows Healing Process 

Always be very gentle during the entire process. Here’s a list of what you should avoid:

Ombre Powder Brows Healing After care
  • Don’t apply any extra product different from the ointment during this process. 
  • Remember not to touch your eyebrows to avoid contamination and infections
  • Don’t sleep on your belly or by your side during this period. Sleep just by your back
  • Be careful with water. In the shower, just wash your body and keep your head away.
  • No exercising for 10 to 15 days
  • Avoid sweating in the first week
  • Wait at least two weeks to get exposed to sun and tanning
  • Once you get your ombre brows done, wait six weeks to do your first facial 
  • No makeup up for about ten days
  • Avoid touching your brows in the first 10 to 15 days
  • Say no to sunlight and tanning beds for two weeks
  • Forget about hot tubs, sauna, pools, and the sea during the entire healing process.

Ombre Brows Day By Day After Care 

Now that you know the healing Stages Day By Day, here’s how the daily aftercare looks like:

Ombre Powder Brows Healing Stages Process & After Care Day By Day

Day 1, 2 e 3: To clean your eyebrows, rinse them with a gentle cleanser twice a day.

Be careful. Please do not rub it, as friction may irritate your skin. Just pat the area and rinse very gently. Then apply a good ointment. 

NOTE: From day 1 to 3, you should not allow water on your eyebrows, and cleanse as advised above

Day 4: You can start applying a small amount of ointment on your brows (morning, afternoon, and evening) until your brows heal. 

Remember that you will probably experience peeling in the first 7-10 days, and it’s ok. 

Be patient because this is normal and never try to remove it yourself, to avoid pigmentation problems.

Healed Ombre Powder Brows? Here’s what to do!

Once your ombre brows are healed, there are still a couple of things you should do to keep them pretty nice. Here are some takes:

Powder Brows After Care
Healed powder brows tips
  • Use sunscreen in the area every day;
  • If you have the habit of doing facials, always tell the beautician about your ombre brow procedure;
  • Avoid harsh facial products in the area.

It is very satisfying to go through the entire process to realize that this is healed.

When Can I Wash My Face After Ombre Brows?

It is indicated to wait more or less 48 hours before washing your face and even then, you should be super careful.

During the entire healing process, it is better not to wash your face directly, just cleanse it carefully.

Ombre Powder Brows Touch Up

It is normal to wait about five weeks until you have your touch-up. 

Your second touch-up usually is quick and less painful than the first one.

The aftercare healing process is pretty much the same as I described above.

Best Products For The After Care

Below, I suggest products you can use in your ombre powder brows healing stages.

These are top-rated products on Amazon, so I think you could take a look.

For Cleansing 

ombre powder brows best cleansers

As you will need to wash your eyebrows twice a day, choose an extremely gentle facial soap.

It would help if you had something easy to apply, so a facial foaming cleanser is a good idea.

It’s better to use fragrance-free, oil-free, paraben-free, natural foaming.

You can go for CeraVe or Cetaphil, but if you are looking for a cruelty-free, vegan option, the No B.S. Foaming is a good solution.

Foaming cleansers are great because it is easy to apply and dissolve easily. 

Much better than a creamy lotion which would require you to rub a lot to take all the soap away.

Keeping your skin hydrated during the healing process

During the healing process, less is more. It is good to apply a healing ointment such as Aquaphor 3 times a day (morning, evening, and afternoon). 

Depending on how your eyebrows are responding, you might opt to apply it only once a day as well.

Many girls said they applied vitamin E instead, which works fine, but it is better to stick with ointment here.

Ombre brows aftercare Top healing ointments

Ombre Powder Brows Aftercare Ointment

Healing Ointments are advanced creams for situations when the skin bypass traumas such as tattoos, irritations, dryness, scabbing, itchiness, burns, cuts, etc. 

Here I suggest the top 2 rated healing ointments to look at.

1. Aquaphor Healing Ointment

You can use Aquaphor Healing Ointment on your brows and in different situations.


Apart from treating your brows, use it as a lip moisturizer and for minor wound care as well.

It nourishes your skin and creates a protective barrier that allows oxygen flow, enhancing the healing process.

It is fragrance-free, preservative-free, and very suitable for the most sensitive skin.

2. CeraVe Healing Ointment

CeraVe Healing Ointment can also be used on your brows and in many other areas. 


This skin protectant contains three essential ceramides and hyaluronic acid for extra moisture.

Its formula is fragrance-free, lanolin-free, and counts with a nongreasy texture. 

The skin absorbs this cream quickly.

If your skin gets dry, cracked, and chafing, it can give you instant relief.

Products to use once your eyebrows are healed

Once your brows are healing, you know that you should include your browning in your skincare routine.

I say this because many people just get worried about the facial skin in general, but for those with the ombre brows (pretty much as for the microblade gal).


Moisturizers, Sunscreens and Brow conditioner Serum

As a rule of thumb, It is important to apply lightweight moisturizing and sunscreens, preferably SPF 50+.

If you don’t want to use a moisturizer, you can and should try an eyebrow conditioner serum, like the RevitaLash Cosmetics, RevitaBrow Advanced Eyebrow Conditioner Serum, that will condition and protect your eyebrows against breakage.

For Protection and Thickness

Products such as the Glossier Boy Brow come with a little shade, helping your brows stand out and look fuller.

Plus, these products will hydrate and help them look thicker.

The Glossier Boy Brow is a creamy wax that corrects and keeps brows in place.

You can have it clear (without shade) or choose between the shades blond, brown, and black.

It has an immediate thickening effect and counts with hydrating ingredients.

And for the best part, it is cruelty-free!

Brow Volumizing Serum 

The GrandeBROW Volumizing Serum is safe to be used every day and will help you achieve fuller brows.

One thing I also like about it is that it’s vegan and cruelty-free. Good for us and the environment. 

Before After

What caught my attention is that they promise bolder-looking brows in 8 weeks, with full improvement in 4 months.

Apply once a day along your brow. Allow 1-2 minutes for the serum to dry.

Ombre Powder Brows Vs Microblading: What is the Difference?

Even though they are both semi-permanent forms of makeup, they have very different final results. 

Ombre Powder Brows Vs Microblading

Ombre Powder Brows Vs Microblading

Microblading is made with a pen that contains ultra-fine needles. Using this pen, the professional traces realistic-looking hair strokes, which in my opinion gives a more natural look than the ombre powder brows. 

The ombre powder brows method uses a tool that will insert dots instead of drawing hair strokes on your eyebrows that will make them look bigger as if you have used makeup powder.

Which one should you choose?

Now that you know the main difference between these two eyebrow techniques, you might be wondering which one you should pick, right? 

Well, they are both great techniques, but if you ask me which one I think is more beautiful, I’d say the microblading. However, there are some situations that which the ombre powder brows will work best. 

For example, microblading can be really interesting for those looking for an ultra natural-looking, but maybe you have oily skin or another skin condition that won’t allow you to go for it. Ombre powder brows, on the other hand, will work really well on all skin types including oily skin. 

Then another question to ask is if you need just small adjustments on your eyebrows. If this is your case, let’s say you want to just fill some bald areas, or do other minor adjustments, I believe that ombre powder brows would be a better option for you. 

Another thing to think about is the powder brows will leave your brows more defined, but it will look like an enhanced makeup, like the normal eyebrow makeup routine, if this is what you are looking for, go ahead.

But you know, all of this is just general assumptions. The most important is that you never do anything without looking for personal, individual tet a tet professional advice.

Ombre powder brows vs microblading Healing Process

Both techniques have very similar healing processes (I have written an article talking about the microblade healing process as well, so go take a look to understand a little more about how it works).  

Which one takes longer?

Even though both techniques have similar healing stages and healing processes, and both take 6 weeks for a second touch-up appointment, in general, ombre brows take longer to fade than microblading. 

Ombre Powder Brows Before And After

I know you would like to get a few pictures of powder brows before and after, before taking your decision, right? If In this section let’s showcase a few Ombre Brows before and after examples.

Powder brows before and after
Powder brows before and after | Credits: @cynskinandbrows

To illustrate this article, I took some examples of before and after ombre powder brows from Instagram and will give the credits from the pictures I have picked.

If you have some ombre powder brows before and after pictures, you want me to showcase here, you send them by clicking here!

Powder brows before and after

Credits: @kristinaboban_mysticst

Down below we have a ginger example. Note that her brows get much more vivid, more defined, and much prettier.

I would say it doesn’t look absolutely natural, but I guess that with time it will start to fade a bit more and look more natural.

Ombre Powder brows Before and After Ombre Powder brows Before and After

Now, let us jump to our next ombre powder brows before and after the picture. In this next example, I think the end result was really natural.

Ombre Powder Brows Before and After

Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQ / Q&A)

Here we have our FAQ / Q&A section.

Hopefully, you can find all your questions answered here, but if not, you can always send me an email!

How Long Do Ombre Brows Last?

Before we get going with our Ombre Powder Brows Healing Stages Process & After Care article, I know you might be wondering how long do ombre brows last, right?

Ombre powder brows can last 2-3 years. Of course, it will depend on the quality of the material you use and how you take care of your brows.

We have plenty of tips on how to look after your brows for maximum results, so keep on reading till the end!

Ombre Powder Brows Before And After

Do ombre powder brows hurt?

Many people reported that it doesn’t really hurt that much. You will use a numbing cream or gel before, and even though this is not the best sensation in the world, you will be able to go through the entire process pretty. 

How much do ombre powder brows cost?

Answer: The cost of the ombre powder brow procedure depends on the area/country you live in, but the cost ranges between $500 and 1000 dollars in the USA.

Are ombre powder brows permanent? Do they fade?

Answer: Ombre powder brows are not permanent and will fade over time.

Depending on your lifestyle, skin type, and how you take care of your brows, it can take one to three years to fade.

Can I do microblading and ombre powder brows together?

Answer: Yes, you can opt to do both microblading and ombre powder brows together.

That way, both techniques can complement each other.

It is called combination brows, where the designer can trace some strokes around the edges, and powered shading is added to fill the eyebrows, giving you a natural-looking.

Who can do ombre powder brows? Is there any restriction on who can do it?

Answer: Basically, you can do Ombre powder brows on any skin type.

So if you have oily skin, you should not worry, because it will be suitable for you.

Also, those with dark eyebrow shade will benefit from it.

However, there are still a few considerations to be made here on who can do it because some people might present restrictions to the method.

Having this in mind, the person should not do it if he/she is under certain treatments, for example:

  • Cancer treatment
  • Epilepsy
  • Bleeding disorders
  • Skin irritations
  • a major heart problem
  • Pregnant
  • Special medical conditions

Important Note: Several other health conditions and treatments might not allow you to do this technique.

If you believe you might have something to be concerned about, or if you are under any medical treatment and taking medicines, talk to your doctor.

What about the side effects?

Answer: The side effects are the ones we have already mentioned during the healing process.

Also, if you don’t choose the right professional, it can look really fake, no good, so be sure you know very well the portfolio of your desired professional. 

Take a look at the ombre powder brows healing process section upward in this article for more details, but

Here’s a quick recap of what will happen during the healing process:

  • Eyebrows get itchy
  • After 2 to 3 days it will scab and crack
  • You will not be allowed to sweet and exercise for 2 weeks (more or less)
  • You won’t be allowed to splash water onto the area
  • Irritations
  • Infections
  • allergy

Is there a risk of infections?

Answer: Pretty much like a tattoo, there is still a risk of contracting infections.

The best way to prevent it is to choose the right professional who uses sterilized equipment; otherwise, infections are high.

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That’s it, guys! I hope it was helpful and that you could take some good information out of this article.

If you have any questions, please send me an email. Also, I would like to invite you to connect with me on Instagram! @patriciarios.insta

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