Glossier Serums Reviews

Glossier Serum Review: Super Pure, Glow & Bounce

In this Glossier serums review, we are going to know a little more on how to get your skin hydrated by using these three simple serums: The Glossier Super Bounce, Glossier Super Pure and Glossier Super Glow. These products are called by Glossier, as a heavy weight skin treatment that

Kerastase Initialiste Review

Kerastase Initialiste Review: This Is How I Grew My Hair

In this kerastase Initialiste review, I am sharing with you my real life experience. You can also learn more on this kerastase initialiste video: I am huge fan of Kerastase and I get really excited when they launch something new. Kerastase Initialiste Hair & Scalp concentrate is certainly not new

Kerastase Solid Serum Review

Kerastase Solid Serum Review

Hey ladies, in this Kerastase Solid Serum review, I want to share my impressions about this kerastase pomade and if it is worth or not to spend around 34 Euros in this little thing. I bought this Kerastase Solid Serum around two years ago, so this Kerastase Solid Serum review

Chanel CC Cream Review

Chanel CC Cream Review: Is it Worthy? [Full Report]

In this Chanel CC cream review, I will share my conclusions after 7 months of use. I bought the Chanel CC cream a while after I bought my MAC BB cream, which I have already written the MAC BB cream review (make sure go check this out after reading this