Phoera Foundation Reviews: Is it Good?

Phoera Foundation Reviews: I have received many messages to start a Drugstore makeup review series and here we go!

Why not? There are times that we are on a budget and want to know all about this very promising cheap makeup.

We know there are many cheap products over there that are terrible, but if we pan enough here and there, we will end up finding great products for a lower price.

Here is when the steps in, let’s just give you a report the complete guide from now on, on drugstore makeup.

It is not because it is cheap that we are going to just go buying everything without knowing if it is worth our money and time right?

We will try it, and not only that, I will search all over to see what others are talking about and answer your main questions.

The Foundation Review

I decided to start with the Phoera makeup because of two things. Firstly I heard some interesting feedback and secondly, it is incredibly cheap. I bought the bottles for $5 dollars.  

While I was preparing for this Phoera Foundation Review, I noticed, Phoera cosmetics do not have a vast number of products.

As for example, they have only two foundations so far; the PHOERA Liquid Matte Foundation and the PHOERA Velvety Matte Cover Liquid Foundation

We will talk about each one of them, the function and difference of each one, the comparison and pros and cons.

You can also check many other reviews on Amazon and make your own conclusions!

PHOERA Liquid Matte Foundation Review


PHOERA foundation Reviews

PHOERA Liquid Matte Foundation is an Oil-free and silicone-free foundation that claims to give your skin a perfect coverage.

The texture is very light and serum-like, what will help you spread the product very easily while providing a more natural look.

On top of it, the formula promises to leave a matte finish, for a peach skin effect, not leaving skin grease.

The promises are very bold, as a full coverage foundation, it covers scars and blemishes, wrinkles, dark eyes and other skin concerns such as dark spots and flaws.

Another feature that I liked to hear is that Phoera Liquid Matte Foundation contains moisturizers that repair and protect skin, which will give you a more radiant skin every time you apply it.

We will talk a little more in dept about these features so don’t worry we have you covered!

PHOERA Liquid Matte Foundation Key Features Waterproof

  1. The brand says it is Smudge proof
  2. It will not cause breakouts
  3. Hypoallergenic and Non-irritating
  4. It is full coverage and for all skin types

My personal considerations on this PHOERA Liquid Matte Foundation Review

Phoera Reviews

When I purchased this base, I was really happy about the price. It was less than 5 Dollars, so I was not really expecting anything exceptional.

The brand says this is a very light serum-like type of foundation. In my first impression, it looked a bit thick, but still, it is very easy to blend with a brush.

I mean on the first look I thought it would leave my skin heavy or something strange but after blending it very well, it was not thick and it left a natural look.

What I don’t advise is to apply too much, as this will not give the natural look you desire. It will be obvious you are wearing makeup and it will look heavy.

In the case you need extra coverage, you’ll definitely need a concealer to apply in the specific areas of need, to avoid looking artificial.  

Applying the Phoera Foundation 

First I applied the primer and then I applied this Phoera Liquid Matte Foundation with a brush. I must say that I was surprised with this product. 

Phoera reviews texture

I prefer to use it with a primer. I tried both ways, with and without the primer and I can testify it looks way better with it. 

It will be easier to blend and sink in onto the skin and at the end, it will look way more polished. Not to mention it will last longer, so go for a primer.

While using this foundation, sometimes I care to use a light moisturizer, but sometimes I just don’t. I have never noticed any major differences with or without it, so I guess it’s really up to you.

What I always do though is to apply a little sunscreen if you use it during the day, as it hasn’t any SPF protection. Make sure that you apply a light facial sunscreen, as this will guarantee a better finish.  

You don’t need too much of the product to start with. One and a half pumps are ok. You can apply it directly on skin or directly on the brush and start to blend on skin in circular motions.

Quick reminder:

I noticed that this Phoera foundation will blend much better if you apply a primer before, so I suggest you prep your skin with a light layer of primer, for better results.

Another tip is to use the a foundation makeup brush for better results 😀

In the end, I used a concealer and some loose powder, as usual and proceeded with the rest of my makeup. One quick tip is to use makeup fix spray, from any brand you love. 

Phoera Makeup Matte Foundation Coverage

Here’s what you are asking yourself, since the beginning: Is it really full coverage? Some other people guarantee that phoera foundation is a high end dupe.

Is it really high end like? My dear friends, for the price you pay, the phoera foundation is really the cherry on top.

It is not exactly a high end like product, but I am pretty sure that if you get it, you will buy something really good for a very low price. 

The coverage is really full coverage as they disclaim. In fact, is much more full coverage than I expected.

As soon as you apply the foundation on your face, you might feel it a little thick. But don’t worry, because it will take a little while to settle down and really sink in.

Right after applying this foundation, I had this feeling that I had too much makeup, so I washed my face and applied it again, this time just being careful not to apply too much.

The bottle is kinda small, but you just need a little bit of the product. In fact I advise you not to exaggerate, with the penalty of looking odd.

When I applied too much, it felt a bit thick and I even thought It gave me an artificial look. But after I fixed it, it started to make sense and look very natural.

When I used it without a primer, I also thought it looked unnatural. But after applying it with a primer.

So don’t worry if you feel right in the beginning that it didn’t look that natural, just use a primer or a moisturizer, because it will sink in after a few minutes.

If you use a primer, you don’t need a moisturizer and vice versa. There’s no need to use both at the same time.

For the price, I was not really expecting that much coverage and I was shocked. So if you want a full coverage low price foundation, here’s one.

Quick tip: Having in mind you should not use too much product, I will not use one and a half pumps anymore, as one will do the trick for me, once I like my foundation to be less coverage.

Now, if you have skin problems on your face, that you wish to hide, and really want to go full coverage, just play with it and find the balance that will work best for your face.

I normally wear one layer, but once again, try yourself and see how many layers you will feel comfortable with.

I liked that the coverage was just fine. As I said, It was easy to spread and the skin felt smooth and it felt alright on my skin. 

For those with heavy scar acne and redness, it will also cover it all, but I advise to use a concealer. This is also a good option even if you have those problems.

Is it Really Matte finish and Oily Control?

It is more likely to be semi matte, and I still need a loose powder, but this is normal for any foundation I use, even the matte ones.

At the same time, I can state that it is not that bad. There is some ‘matteness’ inside when you apply it. 

After using it for a couple of hours, I noticed some parts were oily again, like the T zone, but it was not that bad. I still like it.

At this point, the foundation looks very natural and overall my make up look was still very polished.

Phoera Foundation Reviews: What about the durability? 

Quite surprised here as well. I thought it was not last more than a couple of hours, but I was wrong about that. 

I used the foundation for the entire day and 7 hours after,  It was still good. I did not re touch during this time and I was positively surprised about the durability.

What I did however, was to touch up the powder twice. But it was a hot day and I cannot really blame the foundation as I have very oily skin.

If you have read any of my other foundation reviews, you have probably noticed that this is a chronic complaining of mine.

I haven’t found, not even one foundation, not even high end foundation, that I could use alone without a translucid powder.

Part because my skin is too oily and part because even the matte ones will still give me a hint of glow and (at the moment) I am not really enjoying the glowy finish.

It might change with the time, but at the moment I love it for supper matte, which I am able to achieve only by appealing to a translucid powder.

By thee way, I have a quick question to you: Do you know any foundation you can recommend that will give a matte look without the need of a powder?

If you know, please share with us in the comments below, I will be really happy to hear your suggestions. Thank you! 

But hey, coming back to the phoera makeup foundation review…

Another thing I would like to say is that it really did not irritate my skin. It was fine to remove and the next day I did not feel any reaction (as sometimes I have next day reactions with some makeup).

The negative part of this foundation

One noticeable negative, I have already mentioned several times already. Remember when I said that the moment you apply it, it feels a little thick on the skin?

Even though after a few minutes it will sink into the sink, in order to make it ‘look’ more natural you have to really blend it in well. 

It doesn’t mean it is difficult to blend. What it means is that even though it is easy to blend, you should keep on blending it very well and for a couple of minutes until you feel it was somewhat absorbed.

Another thing is that it needs a primer or a moisturizer to settle well, which can be a con but I will normally use a primer anyways in most cases, so I don’t think this is too important.

I had not this problem but it can in some people look a bit cakey. As I have seen some people complaining about that.

Also some people reported that after a while the product gets a little dry. So maybe there might be a conservation problem in the long run.

But for the price, I think it is worth trying, because every skin will respond differently but overall I believe it is very worthy.

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PHOERA Velvety Matte Cover Liquid Foundation Review

Now let’s go to the Phoera Velvety Matte Liquid Foundation Review. It comes along with many cool promises.

Beforehand I can say this foundation is a little lighter than the first one and there is not so much of difference in my opinion. 

Both are matte, and full coverage. The difference in my opinion is that the first phoera makeup foundation is a bit stronger than this one. 

You might be askin me, what I mean by saying this one is a little lighter than the first phoera makeup foundation, so let me try to be more clear. 

I thought the first phoera foundation is very suitable for all skin types, including those with skin problems to hide and tattoos, while the second one would offer a little less coverage.

As it is lighter, it is also easier to blend and I don’t need to use a primer or a moisturizer with this one, in the case I don’t want to.

What I advise you to use with this phoera foundation, is to use a light facial sunscreen, like I suggested in the phoera foundation original.

Quick tip: One thing I forgot to say before is to go for a 50+ SPF UVA/UVB for the best protection, if you are going to use this phoera foundation during the day.


It says it is good to conceal blemishes, smooth texture, natural makeup effect. It can hide redness, acne, tattoos, blemishes.

According to Phoera, It can function as shade, highlight, conceal and base. How is that?

I do not know what they mean about highlight, as I was not able to use it as such, but I believe you will need a lighter shade in order to use it as a highlight. 

It comes with 12 colours available, it is matte and it is a long wearing lightweight full coverage foundation. It is oil free which is great if you have oil skin or acne prone skin.

Phoera Foundation Velvety Matte Review: The Texture

I think it has a lighter texture than the original phoera foundation. It is definitely less thick and runnier for sure.

I also believe it has less coverage than the phoera foundation original, but it is still a full coverage.

I was surprised as well with this product as it exceeded my expectations. For the price I cannot complain a bit about both products. 

Remember I said the phoera foundation original took a while until it sinked in? This one is totally different. As soon as you apply it, you notice it will be very natural straight away.

Is it really full coverage?

Definitely is, and you don’t even need too much product. One or two layers should be enough for a normal skin.

If you have problems you need to cover, this foundation will also work well. Just apply a little more of the product onto the desired area.

You can also use it in combination with a concealer, just in case you don’t want to apply many layers. 

Is PHOERA Velvety Matte Cover Liquid Foundation really Matte?

Yes it has a matte finish, but I still felt more confident applying a loose powder. I think if you have very oily skin, you will feel the same.

After a couple of hours it still looked fine, but after a while I could have gone for a loose powder touch up., but I didn’t.

I just left it as it was the entire day. I didn’t do any touch up and it was not so bad. 

Is It Durable?

Once again, regarding the durability I thought it worked well all day long without re-touching it. As I mention, I could have gone for a powder touch up but I didn’t.

One observation is that I felt the PHOERA Velvety Matte Cover Liquid Foundation was lighter than the other one, but the difference was pretty small.

I couldn’t notice that much of a difference, as they were so little, both are long lasting, full coverage.

Well the difference is that the PHOERA Velvety Matte Cover Liquid Foundation is just a little lighter than the original one. 

The final touch was very natural and the coverage was pretty decent. I would recommend this one, a bit more than the first foundation, because my skin looked a little less oily than the first one.

How To Apply PHOERA Velvety Matte Cover Liquid Foundation

I have noticed that these foundations work better with a primer. It can be any primer you like to add a little bit of it prior application.

There is no need to use moisturizer as the foundation already has this function. I totally felt the skin hydrated enough.

If you are intending to use the foundation during the day, what is really good to remember is to apply sunscreen after the primer.

Just make sure you find a lightweight facial sunscreen or, if you have a thick one, apply it, wait a couple of minutes and then apply the foundation.

Then you can apply the foundation. I normally apply with the brush, but depending on the foundation, I might prefer one tool over the other.

In the case of these foundations, I think they will blend well either way with brushes or sponges. 

Always finish with a setting spray of your choice.

The cons

The cons however is that pretty much as the other one, people have been complaining the product gets dry with time.

Phoera Reviews By You

Have you ever tried any of these foundations? Remember to share with our community what was your impression! Do you recommend it? Yes or no? We want to hear from you! Leave your thoughts on the comments section!

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