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Pink Nail Ideas: The Top Trendy Styles

Pink Nail Ideas – Pink nails are delicate, and you can make different combinations of styles or colors. 

You can use pink nails with gray nail polish, or blue, which looks nice, among other options, according to your creativity. 

Among the nail polishes, there are several types of pink colors, from the lightest pink to the darkest pink.

Your style doesn’t matter; if you love pretty nails, then you should try this on!

Take a look at these beautiful nail inspirations for all occasions. Here you can find short to long and even very long nail ideas.

Shimmery & Golden

Pink Nail Ideas

Pink Nail Ideas | Credits: @aniusia091

Pink decorated nails are charming, democratic, delicate, minimalist, and bold.

You can mix it with glittering, or combine it with other colors.

Romantic & Fashion

Pink Nail Ideas

pink nail designs Credits: @by.kasia.nails

This nail is one of my favorites. I simply love the vivid pink, which is great for summer days.

But I like even more the white tiny heart which is charming and romantic. Ideal for everyday occasions, especially valentines days!

Pink Animal Print

Pink Nail Ideas

pink nail designs Credits: @osixnails

If you like animal print, then you should try these pretty stamps, you can do it yourself with a little tool or just buy the print sticker.

Pink Nail Ideas

Credits: @pretty_nails_anedis

pink nail designs

Credits: @kirstyjane_aesthetics_beauty

pink nail designs

Credits: @findingmyhappy_2022

Glosy Pink Glittery Nails

pink nail designs

Credits: @vanessabraga_nails

pink nail designs

Credits: @nails74nl

Pink decorated nails are charming, democratic, and can be delicate, minimalist, bold, glittering, or in combination with other colors.

Glossy & Simple

pink nail ideas

Credits: @gemnail_

The bright pink nail above is not discreet and is incredible to give you an instant glow. so bet on this tone to create a look full of attitude!

Now, the next image below reminds me of the legally blond movie, but it will be as equally beautiful for all beauties over there.

pink nail ideas

Credits: @handmodelatforever

This tone of pink is very vivid, one of my favorites. Every time I get my nails like that, I can’t stop looking at them.

Fun & Romantic Pink Nail Idea

pink nail ideas

Credits: @les_ongles_de_lucy

You can decorate your nails with strass, glitter nail prints and use creativity to create your style. In this case, I love the little pink goose.

pink nail ideas

Credits: @prettysetsbyaris

Pink Nails With Drawings

pink nail ideas

Credits: @mermaid_nails_by_hanna

For the nails above I really like the little details with the threes and the blue glitter.

Pink & Silver

nail pink

Credits: @nailsbyyeimynj

Pink Nude Nail Color

I love pinkish nude for nails, lipstick clothes, everything! It is always classy and matches any occasion.

pink nails design

Credits: @nails.ana.maria

The lighter shades are perfect for creating a delicate look, with that princess hand look.

Glitter & Drawing II

pink nails design

Credits: @nails.ana.maria

Use your creativity to combine your pink nail styles with some drawing stickers, as pink makes a great background.

Fruity Pink Nail

Credits: @by.kasia.nails

I am calling this nail the fruity pink because in my opinion, it looks like a pink watermelon. Do you agree with me?

Pink With Single Style

pink nails design

Credits: @nailsbybrooke___

I like this nail style with a single different nail. In this case, I love the contrast of glossy (slightly) shimmery pink with dot flowers.

Pinkish Purple Nail Art

pink nails design

Credits: @girlsnailcave

This combination of pinkish/purple shade with yellow and white makes a beautiful combination.

This pink nail style idea is one of the most simple and easiest nail art to do of all time. Really easy to recreate.

Flowers & Shimmer Pink Nail Ideas

pink nails design

Credits: @cndesignerdips

Geometric Single Nail

pink nails

Credits: @mdartnails

Another good idea is to add one geometric fingernail to match your pink nail style.

Tiny Pearl Pink Nail

pink nail inspo

Credits: @semacevikofficial

Bee Print Pink Nail

pink nail inspo

Credits: @emmas.gelnails

Pink French Manicure

French Manicure pink nail inspo

Credits: @jananailsireland

A colored french manicure that uses bright colors instead of white is very trendy at the moment.

pink nail inspo

Credits: @isabelegoncalvesnails

You can also opt to use a very thin white stripe french manicure variation with your pink nail.

Hearts and Curves Pink Nail Ideas

pink nails inspo

Credits: @flavia.romina

Flower Nail Art

pink nails inspo

Credits: @beautysems

Egg Pink Nail

Oval Shape pink nails inspo

Credits: @_kinga_urbanska_

One of the prettiest from this list, this nail looks a bit like a quail egg, because of the tiny dots and the shape.

In my opinion, it looks classy and chic. I love the combination of shades.

Multicolor With Strass

Colorful pink nails inspo

Credits: @victorianailz

Floral Pink Nails

pink nails inspo

Credits: @studio_paznokci_rumia

Pink nails with flowers – This decoration mostly has a pink base and colored flowers. I love drawings of roses or simple flowers, they are always a success.

Different Shades

pink nails inspo

Credits: @katiefoxnails

pink nails inspo

Credits: @sknailsmidstream

You can try out different shades of pink which will look gorgeous and fun at the same time!


pink nails inspo

Credits: @annanails_frankfurt


pink nails aesthetic

Credits: @erika.dia_nails


pink nails with glitter accent

Credits: @smileenailss

Pink Nail & Jewelry

pink nails aesthetic

Credits: @naiilsbydiellza

Pink nails with jewelry – Jewelry is taking over women’s nails, they are the hit among the most stylish women who can’t resist highlighted nails.

Nails decorated with pink nail polish and jewelry usually match really well with pink and white degrade.

pink nails aesthetic

Credits: @islay_nails


pink nails aesthetic

Credits: @nailsbyyamy

Pink Nail Design Ides Final Takes

Pink nails are one of the most popular types of nails in salons. I think most people will like it for different occasions.

You can try different shades and play with different stickers. You can also opt for artificial and gel nails.

Hope you like these pink nail ideas I shared here and if you like any other images, you can follow the Instagram profiles I shared in the credits!

For more pink nail ideas, please follow our Pinterest board with many more inspirations.

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