Top Sexy Police Woman Costume For Halloween

How to Make a sexy police woman costume: Learn how to put together a policeman costume for Halloween or any fancy party!

Want to dress up as a cop and look like the ultimate authority?

Top Sexy Police Woman Costume For Halloween Or Fancy Party!
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This is one of the easiest costumes to get, both for adults and children, because you can assemble the police uniform with very few clothes.

Just add the necessary accessories and items to make you look authentic.

Top Sexy Police Woman Costume For Halloween Or Fancy Party!
Credit: Pinterest

Plus, it’s a costume you can quickly reinvent, whether you want to turn it into a spooky Halloween costume or a more girly, flashy costume. 

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Keep reading this article and learn how to make a police costume step by step.

cop costume for woman
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How to make a policewoman costume

A police officer costume is very easy to put together, as it is actually possible to get it with some of the clothes we have at home.

cop costume for woman
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To begin with, we must think of the typical clothing that police officers wear during their working day. 

cop costume for woman
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In general, they are characterized by wearing a navy blue or back uniform, with a pair of pants and a shirt of one of these colors. 

cop costume for woman
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For this reason, you can wear long navy blue pants (or back) that aren’t too tight and a long or short-sleeved shirt with buttons in the same shade as the pants.

cop costume for woman
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If you don’t have pants in this shade, you can also choose any other dark color. You can also choose a light blue shirt contrasting with the pants’ dark tone.

cop costume for woman
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Some police officers wear outer shoulder pads, and if you want to wear them in your attire, too, you can create them by adding some dark blue fabric to the shirt on the shoulder side.

Police woman Costume Accessories

One of the main accessories of the police costume is the belt, which will be used to carry other accessories, such as toy weapons, handcuffs, batons, etc. 

Choose a black belt with a central buckle; if you don’t have one, you can also use a black ribbon tied around your waist. 

As you know, the belt must be visible, with the shirt buttoned inside the pants.

As for shoes, you can wear black lace shoes or high boots and also in dark colors like black or navy blue. 

Choose the model that is most comfortable for you.

Complements and accessories for the policewoman costume

And to make your policeman costume as authentic as possible, you can’t miss some of the essential add-ons and accessories listed below:

Police cap: You must wear a black or navy cap with a visor. You can add a star or police shield on the front.

  • Handcuffs must be worn on the black belt or belt.
  • A holster and a toy gun were also placed on the belt.
  • A police badge on the top of the shirt.
  • A truncheon that you can wear on your belt or in your hand.
  • A pair of aviator-style sunglasses, like the ones used by the police in the 80s.
  • A whistle hangs around your neck.

You can also add a black or navy blue tie to your shirt.

All these accessories can be easily found in costume stores and will give the perfect finishing touch to your police costume.

Cop Costume variations

The classic police costume also has many variations, and you can adapt it according to the look and style you want to wear.

For example, if you’re looking for a costume for Halloween, the great idea is to dress up as a zombie cop, complementing the costume with spooky, gory makeup.

And if you are looking for a feminine and attractive outfit, you can also dress like a sensual police officer, but in this case, you should combine a blue button-down shirt with some shorts or a black skirt. 

Wear them with a pair of high boots and shocking makeup with red lips, and you’ll look spectacular for the occasion.

Tips for your policeman costume

Get a police shield and add it to your cap, shirt, etc.

Try to match your entire costume with the same shade of blue, so they don’t clash.