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Ombre Brows Healing Process Day By Day Stages

Day By Day Powder Brows Healing Process

Right after your section, your brows will be very vivid but fade in the next few weeks. Here’s what to expect during your healing stage:

Ombre Brows Healing Stages Day By Day 
Ombre Brows Healing Stages – Day-by-day powder brows healing process

Day 1

The brows will probably look too dark, but don’t worry; it improves afterward. Be prepared because you’ll be tempted to scratch it, but you should not do that, no matter what!

Day 2

You might feel a slight stinging; at this point, your brows might look even darker, and redness may occur. 

Day 3

It’ll probably start scabbing a little and get slightly less red than the day before. Some professionals recommend applying a thin layer of vitamin E on day 3. Ask your beauty center to double-check what your aestheticist will recommend to you.

Day 4

You’ll notice more scabbing, but brows are not fading just yet. Your brows will also start to be itchy and scratchy at this point. Keep your hands out of it!!

Day 5

It will be scratchy and itchy. In addition, It looks cracked and close to pilling your skin.

Day 6

It looks a little drier. Apart from itchiness, it will look patchy. Resist the temptation to pill it off?   

Day 7

Eyebrows look very patchy and start to fade away. Actually, for some people, it will look entirely disappeared. But things will start to get better soon.

Day 8

The color will fade about 10%, and you will start to feel better about how your eyebrows are looking. You are probably not peeling anymore, and no more cracking. You will begin to look more natural. 

Day 9

It looks way better and more natural on day nine. Scabby and peeling are gone, and all this is starting to make sense. 

Day 10 or 11

You should feel the relief. However, keep the guard up because there may still be some healing, so it’s still good to be careful. 

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day by day powder brows healing process
Day-by-day powder brows healing process

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scabby ombre brows On healing stages

Scabbing may start on day six and continue until day ten. Some people may experience it for longer.

scabby ombre brows healing stages
Scabbing Day By Day Microblading Healing Process

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