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Gua Sha vs Jade Roller: Which Is Better?

The normal daily stress and the expressions we constantly make can cause facial tension, leaving the skin rigid, which stimulate wrinkles and fine lines.

Gua Sha vs Jade Roller: Which Is Better?

At the same time, our hectic routine, may not allow us to plan a healthy alimentation, forcing us to eat fast food and so on, that result in liquid retention on the face.

Massager tools such as gua sha stones and jade rollers are great, because they stimulate Lymphatic drainage, improve elasticity, and relax muscular tension. I wish I used them more often.

But, on the battle Gua Sha vs Jade Roller, which one is better? Actually, You don’t need to choose one over another because they can and will complement each other. However you may end up having your favorite one after reading this article.

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What Is The Difference?

While the roller is easier to use, the gua sha stone requires technical knowledge. At the same time, gua sha allows you to perform better massage in certain body areas such as the jaw, neck, and belly.

Roller vs Gua Sha

Jade Roller vs gua sha Stone: Benefits

Both gua sha and facial jade rollers and facial massage, in general, relieve the mussel’s tension. With these tools, you can stimulate the lymphatic system to expel any unwanted residues.

This is a great way to avoid skin inflammations by releasing accumulated toxins that were not naturally expelled.

With continuous usage, you will notice improvements in the skin texture, as the massage facilitates the absorption of moisturizers and collagen regeneration. The result is radiant glowy skin, and wrinkles reduction, with a great soft texture.

Roller vs Gua Sha
jade roller vs gua sha

Benefits Of Gua Sha 

  • Face lifting and Fine lines preventions and reduction
  • Reduce puffiness, especially around the eyes
  • Relieve acne and other inflammation
  • Enhance anti-aging effects
  • Promote a natural botox effect
  • Help with hyperpigmentation
  • Relieve tension and reduce stress

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Roller Benefits

You can use both tools on your skincare routine, to reduce stress with facial massage. The benefits include:

  • Activation of the circulation of the face;
  • Promotion of lymphatic drainage, reducing swelling;
  • Decreased muscle tension;
  • Skin toning;
  • Improvement in the elasticity of the dermis;
  • Increased absorption of cosmetics.

But have in mind that even though you will experience results with the roller, especially to help apply moisturizer, the results are not miraculous. In addition, facial massage must be included regularly on your skincare routine to be effective.

For this reason, don’t go to it with ultra-high expectations.

Which facial tools Should I Use?

Jade Roller

The Jade roller is easy to use and requires less time to use and is very practical. For example, if you take a taxi (or Uber) you can easily spend 5 minutes using your roller and be splendid.

The same works for those days you are on the couch watching tv, just go and roll your face without problems.

Gua Sha Tool

Gua Sha Tool
Gua sha vs roller

Gua Sha stones on the other hand, demands more attention, as you need to control the pressure you are using it.

It is also better to be in front of the mirror while using gua sha so you can see how you are performing the strokes.

Talking about pressure again, be really careful you are doing the right movements, in the right direction with the right pressure.

When I first ordered my gua shas I was so excited that I put too much pressure on the movements. The result was a swollen face the next day that I couldn’t even believe. 

Ok was not the end o the word it was just kind of swollen, but I was not nice, I must say.

Jade Rollers Vs Gua sha

Jade rollers

Use the roller any time you have extra time or every time you finish applying moisturizers or serums, as It will help you relax while applying the product.

Gua Sha Tool

Talking about gua sha, have it a few times a week and set a time to properly do it, maybe set up a ritual time when you can self dedicate.

Which One Is Better?

Firstly, it is very important that you will only see effective results, after using both tools consistently. So, both will bring great results if you use them consistently and properly.

However, I think that the gua sha will give quicker and better results than the facial roller. Especially if you have more predominant signs of age and areas affected by liquid retention.

Facial rolling is great, for daily use, especially if you leave it on the fridge overnight and use it in the morning to prepare your skin for makeup. If you want to choose between one or another, know that the gua sha will work on specific points of tension, and there are different techniques you can use.

Think as well about which is more adequate to your routine, and ask which one will correspond better to a busy lifestyle or a more relaxed routine. Gua sha tools or facial rollers?

Roller vs Gua Sha

How To Use Facial Roller

Use the facial roller to massage the face, jaw, and neck, stimulating the lymphatic system. It’s a nice product that can really improve the skin. However, take at least 10 minutes a day to do the massage.

You can use it in your morning and night skincare routine or any time you have your hands free. Just roll the tool on your face from the center to the extremes. The movements are always from center to outside.

Never do it backward, and to boost your results, you can leave the roller on the fridge!

  1. Wash your pretty face! It is best to have a clean face before using the roller.
  2. Hydrate! I like using face oil because it adds even more hydration, but if it doesn’t work for your skin, you can use your favorite moisturizer or skip this step.
  3. Massage your face with the jade roller!

Note: always only make movements from the bottom up using the Jade Roller. This is important to take action against gravity.

How To Use Gua Sha

  1. Wash your face with soap specific to your skin type and sanitize your hands.
  2. Apply moisturizer, saline solution, oil, or serum of your choice to facilitate movements.
  3. Hold the gua sha with the curved side to your face and gently glide.

The first location is the forehead, from the bottom up, starting above the eyebrows to the root of the hair. On the cheek, the movement is from the center to the outside, from the side of the nose to the ears.

The curved end is for the side of the face, from the bottom up, starting at the chin and ending at the ears. The eye area is very sensitive, be careful! Gently move from the inner corner to the temple. The ritual can be performed at any time of day. 

The important thing is that, after the massage with moisturizer, apply sunscreen, if it is during the day.  At night, finish with nourishing or acidic creams, according to the doctor’s recommendation.

Congratulations! You have successfully completed your gua sha treatment! 🙂

Final Takes

The main difference between jade rollers and gua sha tools is that the jade roller is primarily a lymphatic drainage massage, and gua sha is a fascial (i.e. fibrous tissue) release massage. 

Think of a foam roller, but for your face. Fascia is multidirectional, so to properly release tension, you need to use it a little differently than the jade roller.

This process is especially relaxing because you are gradually releasing tension from your face, and it’s great for everyone, including sensitive skin (when done gently).

Imagine that you have a tense muscle in your neck or back. 

When you use a foam roller or foam ball, you are pushing against tension to create blood flow and relax the fascia, which brings relief. 

These two tools work the same way. Their common goal is to promote optimal circulation and lymphatic drainage.

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