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Simple Skincare Routine Guide [All Skin Types]

If you are looking for a simple skincare routine that is quick and practical, then this article is for you.

Simple Skincare Routine EASY Gide [All Skin Types]

I always mention here that less is more, which is also true when we think about skincare.

Maybe you are too busy and don’t have hours to spare in front of the mirror, or you don’t have all the patience.

This article is for those who love taking care of the skin but also love practicality! After all, we are too busy for complexities!

Daily – Simple Skincare Routine Order 

Below, you can find the simplest way to treat your skin daily without hassle. If you don’t do any skincare and want to start slow, your routine will be as simple as washing and applying moisturizer and sunscreen.  

1. Cleansing: Wash Your face

Simple Skincare Routine EASY Gide [All Skin Types]

Every skincare routine will start with cleansing. It is a good start if you don’t do anything to your skin but wash your face daily.

It is essential to keep your facial skin clean to keep it healthy and to receive all the benefits of the products you’ll apply in the sequence.

In addition, a proper facial cleansing will unclog the pores, which helps you get rid of excess oil, allowing your skin to breathe.

2. Toner (Optional)

Simple Skincare Routine EASY Gide [All Skin Types]

It is not the end of the world if you don’t include a toner in your simple skincare routine, but I decided to include this item here for a reason.

Even though you can skip it, I recommend using a toner because it will complement the cleansing and help unclog the pores.

It will take off remaining residuals and prepare your skin to receive the moisturizer of your choice.

3. Hydrating: Apply Moisturizer 

Simple Skincare Routine EASY Gide [All Skin Types]

I have oily skin, but depending on the type of facial soap I use, my skin gets a little tight and clingy.

Even when I use a very hydrating cleanser, it will happen from one degree or another. 

This is because the soap takes off all oil residuals from my skin, and the solution is to hydrate by applying a moisturizer.

If you don’t apply any other skin care treatment, try at least applying moisturizer.

Applying moisturizer brings many benefits to the skin because once it is hydrated, it’ll automatically improve fine lines, dryness, and elasticity. 

Use an appropriate product for each person’s skin type and needs. For drier skin, creamier products with greater hydration power are more suitable.

4. Sunscreen: Get Sun Protection

Simple Skincare Routine EASY Gide [All Skin Types]

is fundamental to prevent skin cancers, skin aging, and the appearance of blemishes. Use it daily, even on cloudy days.

Choose sunscreen protection that is specific to your skin type. It is very important because heavy sunscreen on oily skin may clog your pores.

Remember to apply sunscreen 30 minutes before leaving your house or getting exposed to the sun.

Nowadays, you can find tinted sunscreens, makeup primers, and SPF protection foundations.

A common question that pops up is if you still need to apply sunscreen if your makeup products already have SPF protection.

The answer is yes. It is recommended to apply sunscreen even if your foundation or primer contains it.

Weekly – Simple Skincare Routine Order 

Ok, so far, so good! You already have a simple daily skincare routine, and I am confident this will be enough for many of you.

However, there is a couple of simple steps you can add to your simple skincare routine to give it a boost.

  • Exfoliation: Right after Cleansing – Do it once or twice a week for a deeper cleansing to renew and get rid of dead skin for healthier, luminous skin.
  • Facial masks: Right after Cleansing and exfoliation – Do it once or twice a week. Choose a hydrating, renewing, or anti-oleosity mask according to your skin needs.

Simple Skincare step by step for oily skin Ideas

Morning Routine

  1. Start with cleansing: use liquid facial soap, which is less aggressive 
  2. Use micellar water to remove remaining impurities;
  3. Apply a lightweight moisturizer
  4. Sunscreen: Use high SPF factors with a matte finish

Night Routine

  1. Start with a makeup remover; I like biphasic or micellar water;
  2. Then cleanse your face with soap and cold water, preferably.
  3. Use a light moisturizer. There are even some options for moisturizing gels, mists, and less dense serums.

Simple Skincare routine for combination skin

Morning Routine

  1. First, use a lightweight exfoliating liquid soap to help cleanse the skin of impurities and remove makeup residue and dead cells;
  2. Then, use a facial toner or micellar water to finish cleansing and balance the surface of the skin;
  3.  If you prefer, use a little face moisturizer. But let it be light;
  4. Always apply sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30.

Night Routine

  • After a full day of makeup, always use a good makeup remover or micellar water. Wash your face with your liquid soap.
  • If you like, apply an overnight moisturizer or a little natural castor oil evenly spread over your skin.
  • Despite the thick texture of this oil, you don’t have to worry because the skin absorbs it very quickly.
  • Once a month or every 15 days, make a clay face mask in the T region, as it will help with oiliness.

Simple Skincare routine for dry skin

1. Wash your face with a hydrating facial soap

For this first step of the dry skin care routine, the doctor explains: “It is important to avoid any product with sulfate, as it acts as a type of detergent, which removes all the protection and natural hydration of the skin.” 

Therefore, it is best is to use a hypoallergenic dermo-cosmetic, without parabens, alcohol, and moisturizing actives, such as hyaluronic acid, vitamin E, and shea butter.

2. Finish cleansing with a micellar solution

It is important to avoid astringent tonics. These products usually have acids that can cause hypersensitivity on dry skin, dryness, and the formation of red spots. 

Prefer to use a micellar solution, which, in addition to gently removing residues, helps hydrate and soothe the skin’s surface.

3. Moisturize the skin with a heavier cream

Dry skin has this characteristic due to its deficiency in the production of sebum and water. 

Therefore, hydration is considered a fundamental step in the care routine. 

According to doctors, nowadays, some products have a formulation and the ability to maintain hydration for much longer. 

In this case, it is recommended to use a cream with a heavier texture based on panthenol, glycerin, and shea butter.

4. Use sunscreen with moisturizing actives

With a tendency to sensitivity, dry skin also needs to reinforce sun protection. Using a filter with a high SPF, above 50, with a moisturizing function becomes essential in the routine.

The product should be applied in the morning and reinforced in the afternoon.

Normal skincare routine

  1. Wash your face with a lighter soap
  2. Remove residues with a micellar solution
  3. Moisturize the area with a hydrating serum
  4. Apply a non-comedogenic sunscreen
  5. Finally, you can use clean, non-comedogenic sunscreen. Remember, it must have an SPF of 30 or higher and a broad spectrum.

Why a simple skincare routine is better?

Imagine you have tons of products and apply them all at once on your skin. Maybe your skin responds well; maybe it makes your skin worse.

In both cases will take a lot of work to identify which products worked. Maybe you will never find out because you used so many products.

Now, let’s imagine another scenario. You are a beginner, and for one reason, you cannot visit a dermatologist or a cosmetologist to help you.

In this case, you still want to be able to treat your skin while you finally have the opportunity to get professional assistance. It is better to be safe than sorry.

There are many other reasons, but I will share my example; When I apply many (and complex) products, my skin does not respond well. 

There are times when all I need to do is to wash it well and apply a little moisturizer because anything more than that may cause a reboot.

Simple skincare routine Final Takes

This article is totally focused on a simple skincare routine for those who want to treat their skin but don’t have the time or patience to go under long skincare steps.

We all have been there from time to time, so it is understandable that we will feel like that sooner or later!

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