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Steam Flat Iron Hair Straightener Guide Reviews

A Steam Flat Iron Hair Straightener is a trending tool right now because it’s less damaging than conventional flat irons and adds moisture to hair while straightening it.

But what else is cool about it? Keep on reading because your questions are gonna be answered, right now! 

What Are Steam Flat Iron Hair Straighteners?

Steam Flat Iron Hair Straighteners, is nothing more than a hair straightening styling tool, but they have a hot steam feature that is supposed to give you:

  • More shine
  • More natural look and feel of the hair
  • Causes less damage than a traditional hair straightener
  • In most cases, Is made out of ceramic plates
  • Id adds moisture to your hair ( to the contrary of conventional flat irons that take moisture out of the hair)
  • You can infuse oil by mixing it with the water and have an amazing hair treatment at your hands

In my opinion, the key advantage of the steam flat iron is the shine they are supposed to offer and of course the promise of a less damaging heat styling.

You can as well perform some types of hair treatments (chemical and nonchemical) using a  steam flat iron.

This is because it can help certain hair treatments penetrate into the hair fiber and perform a better restoration and final results.

You might take an extra minute to learn how to use it because it requires you to add water to a compartment. But it’s quite easy. Next, we talk a Lil more about how it works.

Is Steam Flat Iron Hair Straightener Good or Bad?

In fact, steam flat irons are a good thing for the hair. You just need to make sure if your hair type will accept this type of straightening.

But in general, it is good because it causes less damage and can provide an extra shine, depending on your hair type.

So, have in mind this type of styling device may work better on some hair types than others. 

For example, if you have thin hair, wavy hair, and easy to manage hair, you might be able to use it without problems.

However, if your hair is more unruly said, using a steam hair straightening is not bad at all, but might not be efficient enough to bring the best results.

We talk in more detail about this later on in this article, so make sure you keep on reading!

Our Top Best Steam Flat Iron Hair Straighteners

Before going ahead with our buying guide, here are our top reviews from these hand-picked steam flat iron hair straighteners, that attend to all the demands of what we believe a good quality device should attend.

1. FURIDEN Steam Flat Iron Hair Straightener

With hundreds of great reviews, we have picked the FURIDEN Steam Hair Straightener, because it meets our quality requirements.

Steam iron

First of all, it has ceramic plates, which are less damaging. Secondly, it has more than 38 adjustable heat settings that you can regulate according to your hair type (Max temperature 450).

Another feature that called my attention is that once you turn it on, it takes 15 seconds to totally heat up, which is a big plus for a steam hair straightener.

What about the ions release feature? I like it. Once I went to buy a dryer with ions, because I had tested before and could see that ions really do make the difference in reducing frizz.

I remember the lady in the shop saying this was a marketing speech to sell, but I guess it is not. I have tested myself and noticed that ions (be  on a hair dryer or flat iron) do the job.

Temperature auto-lock is also possible with this device, so you don’t have to worry about having it too hot on your hair.


  • It doesn’t have the automatic shut down feature

2. Infiniti Pro by Conair Ionic Steam Flat Iron

The Infiniti Pro by Conair Ionic Steam Flat Iron also has ceramic plates and takes only 30 seconds to heat up completely.

Steam Iron

It also has ion technology so it is a good option if you want to reduce frizz. Another cool thing is that it holds up your style humidity proof for 60 hours. 

It is safe to be used every day, just add the water to the compartiment and you are ready to go. It also works for all hair types, including curly and unruly hair.

If you forget this device is turned on, you should not worry about it because it also has the function to turn itself off after a few minutes of inactivity.


I think the compartment water is a little smaller than what we can see in other steam hair straighteners. However, if your hair is not too long or voluminous, this should not be a big deal.

How Does a Steam Flat Iron Hair Straightener work? 

Steam flat irons use a vapor infusion technology. It releases steam from high temperatures, to facilitate the straightening process and adding moisture and causing less damage than conventional flat irons.

How To Use A Steam Flat Iron Hair Straightener?

You use a Steam Flat Iron Hair Straightener almost in the same way you use a conventional flat iron, but there is one little pre-step you should take.

Before using your steam flat iron you should add a little water normally in a compartment attached to the flat iron.

You should read the fabricant instructions because each brand might have its own particularities, right? But generally speaking, that’s it.

The water or liquid to be added, also may vary from brand to brand, it’s also a good idea to take a look and double check what type of water you should add to a particular steam flat iron. 

Here’s a quick step step you can follow: 

How to use a Steam Flat Iron Hair Straightener Quick Summary:

1. Shampoo and deep condition your hair

2. Towel dry your hair and apply heat protectant

3. Prep for the styling process – Divide hair into sections and add the water:

4.  Choose temperature and wait it to heat up

5. Apply it section by section as you normally would

6. Clean it up and wait it to dry before taking the steam flat iron away or back to the package

Now that I have given you the quick steps in the summary, keep on reading for more details in each one of the steps:

1. Shampoo and deep condition your hair

Remember that the perfect styling starts with your hair treatment. Use a good quality shampoo and deep conditioner that are suitable for your hair type. 

Make sure you use a hydrating or a nutrition mask for this, as you want your hair to be extremely hydrated to receive the heat.

At the moment, I love the Morrocan oil shampoo and deep conditioner hair mask treatment because I feel my hair gets a super shine and gets extremely hydrated after words.

2. Towel dry your hair and apply heat protectant

Always use heat protectant while styling your hair or submitting it to any kind of heat, blow-dry. Also make sure you use a Microfiber Hair Towel. They are great because it prevents frizz and breakage.

For the heat protectant, I love the Moroccan oil heat protectant hair spray and the Kerastase nectar heat protectant cream.

They are both great, just be careful not to drop the moroccanoil heat protectant hair spray on the floor as I did, because the spray lid got broken and I had to buy another one.

I also like to apply a little amount of Morrocan oil (the actual oil treatment) or the Kerastase elixir oil (Check my ‘Moroccanoil Vs Kerastase oil’ review on those for more info)

3. Prep for the styling process – Divide hair into sections and add the water:

Divide your hair in sections and add water to the water compartment that is attached in the flat iron (a quick tip is to divide it in thin sections).

Once again, make sure to read the fabricand instructions to define what type of water you need, and how much).

Have in mind that at the pace that you start using the steam flat iron on your hair, depending on your hair length, the water compartment will dry out.

When that happens, you will have to stop straightening your hair to refill the water compartment. Having this in mind, it’s good to always have your water beside you at all times.

Quick Tip: If you want to speed up the straightening process, you can blow dry your hair before but for some hair types, it is not really required, as you still should be able to achieve good results just with the steam flat iron. 

4.  Choose temperature and wait it to heat up

Most steam flat irons come with more than one temperature to choose from. The temperature varies from brand to brand but you can easily find something around (350°F/450°F).

Steam hair straighteners that have temperature regulation are a good idea, especially if you are concerned about the health of your hair.

If you have fine hair for example, you should lower the temperature, as your hair doesn’t need a potent heat.

The time to wait to heat up may vary but many steam hair straightener brands will offer a 60 seconds mimit to total heat up.

Yes, it’s annoying how it can take way longer than the 20 seconds we are used to waiting with conventional flat irons, but well, it shouldn’t be a big deal.

5. Apply it section by section as you normally would

You will start from the root all the way till the end. As I have mentioned, for better results, use very thin sections.

That might take a little longer if you do it on thin sections but the results will be worth it. Steam flat irons are quicker than conventional flat irons because the vapor makes it easier to slide the plate on the hair. 

So even though it might take a little longer to do it on thin sections, it will still be quicker than using the normal flat iron.

6. Style as you wish and apply serum or an oil that you love.

You are free to style it as you wish. You can make curls, waves, or just have it bare straight. 

Add a little gloss with serums and special oils. Do you know that you don’t even have to go expensive?

I have mentioned I love the Moroccan oil and the Kerastase elixir oils, but if you are on a budget, a good and old olive oil from the kitchen, or coconut oil might work well.

Just make sure they are good quality extra virgin oils. In the case of the coconut oil, also extra virgin and cold-pressed. 

Steam Flat Iron Hair Straightener Pros and Cons

We have covered a lot about steam hair straighteners so far, and I am pretty confident you are able to use it pretty well if you wish to do so.

But if you are still wondering, about pros and cons and want a more specific answer about it, there we go.

Steam Flat Iron Hair Straightener Pros

  • They are more gentle on the hair / cause less damage. This is great alternative specially for those with dry and sensitive hair
  • Even though it takes a little longer to set up, once you start your straightening, the straightening process might be quicker, but it depends on your hair type. If you have too much hair this might not be the case) 
  • You can infuse oil by mixing it with the water and have an amazing hair treatment at your hands

Steam Flat Iron Hair Straightener Cons

  • It takes a little longer to set up than other flat irons, so make sure you have a little extra time to set up and prepare your straightening.
  • The filling up with water can be a problem for some people
  • If you have too much hair or longer hair, that might be annoying to refill the water every time it dries out while you are straightening your hair
  • Sometimes (depending on the brand), it is a little heavier than conventional flat irons 
  • If you are looking for volume reduction, this is not really the best option for you

Steam Straightener vs Flat Iron

You may argue that steam straighteners and flat irons are the same as hair, and in parts, you are right but there are a few differences.

If you’re wondering which one to use, I say beforehand that you can use both, but if you are on a budget and need to choose between one or another, here’s your guide.

Steam Straightener and Flat Iron are both hot styling tools but the main difference will be on how your hair will look and feel.

Also, as far I concern, steam straighteners are normally heavier than normal flat irons, which might be tiring to do it yourself,  if you have long, voluminous hair.

SO, what are the benefits of using a steam straightener over a normal flat iron?

Steam Straightener vs Flat Iron: Does The Hair Get Shinier With The Steam Hair Straightener?

I would say it really depends on the quality of the steam flat irons. For example, just because you bought a steam hair straightener, it doesn’t mean your hair will get automatically shinier.

It also depends on how you prepare your hair for receiving the styling tool.

Now, theoretically, you will hear everywhere that steam hair straighteners will leave your hair shinier and silkier. 

As it can be true to some extent, I can tell you if you buy the wrong iron, you might not see the miracle happening.

How Does The Hair Look And Feel, Compared To Normal Flat Irons?

Steam flat irons will leave your hair with lots of movement, very light and flowy. As it adds moisture to your hair while straightening, helps you maintain hair volume and movement.

It’s also known to leave your hair super soft, but won’t leave your hair as straight as the normal flat irons.

That being said, if you like your hair really straight, you better use the regular flat iron, as the steam flat iron will leave some areas wavy.

If you have thick, curly, voluminous and / or long hair, you might feel the need to pass it over and over in order to get it to the point.

How Long Does The Steam Flat Iron Hold The Style In Comparison To The Conventional Hair Straightener?

You know your hair right? How long does it hold the style with your conventional flat iron? It doesn’t matter how long you answered, the steam flat iron will take less than that.

I asked this question, because different hairs behave in different ways. My blow out for example can take 2 to 3 weeks, but some people it can take 3 or 4 days.

So it depends on your hair situation. But one thing I can say for sure is that if you styled your hair with a steam flat iron it will last less longer than if you did with the normal flat iron.

Especially if you live in a humid place, it will not really hold for too long. But of course, if your hair is not so curly, that might not be a problem.

If your hair is the 4C type (which is extremely curly and voluminous), it could become a problem. 

Steam Straightener vs Flat Iron: What About The Frizz And Hair Texture?

The big promise of the steam hair straighteners industry is frizz reduction and hair texture improvements.

This is apparently one big advantage over the flat iron. But you as a consumer needs to be aware of a few things.

Firstly, it will really depend on your hair type, as different people have had mixed results on that.

The easier and malleable a hair is, the better the results it will get from a steam flat irons. The more difficult a hair is to be managed, the less results it will get.

However, depending on the brand you choose, you might have great results independently of your hair type.

Does that make sense? 

Now to answer the question, which style device is better for frizz reduction and hair texture improvement, I have not seen much of a difference.

I have been using a ceramic flat iron for so long, and getting really great results, that I bet any steam flat iron would not be much better than that.

If your hair is wavy to straight you will notice a lot (or even total) frizz reduction. If your hair is curly to unruly, you better stick with the conventional flat iron.

Now, a quick note here.

steam flat irons work better for folks with low porosity hair. If this is your case, you might notice this works really well, while reducing frizz, because it tends to absorb moisture more easily.

Folks with high porosity hair however, might not experience the same results, as it retains much less moisture.

If this is your case, it’s also better for you to use normal flat irons, because chances are that a steam straightener will not give you the desired results.   

Steam Straightener vs Flat Iron: Which One Is Easier To Use?

You might be thinking that conventional flat irons are easier to use, right? Yes, you’re right but steam straighteners are also easy, just need a few extra adjusts. Not a big deal.

However, in my opinion, some steam flat irons are heavier than the normal flat irons and there are a few steps (or tasks) to be taken care of.

To use a steam hair straightener, in most cases, you need to carry a water module, fill it in with appropriate water (purified or deionized water).

Also, when you are finished, you need to take proper care of the material, cleaning and drying it. So, it’s a bit of work.

Make sure you read the manual to see what is recommended to a particular steam hair straightener.

NOTE: There are devices that won’t release the vapor once you clap (close) the plates, very easily. Make sure to read a lot of reviews, and check what people are talking about a particular steam hair straightener.

Which One Is Quicker To Finish Up Once I Start The Straightening?

That one might surprise you (well, I don’t know why, but it surprised me..), but despite the setting up, it’s quicker to use the steam flat irons.

I guess it is because the vapor makes your hair more malleable, and in the end it will take less time to finish up the entire process.

But this will also depend on your hair type. If your hair is difficult to manage, you will still end up finishing quicker but it will not be truly straight.

Maybe you might need extra time, because of the need to pass it more than once which may delay the process a bit.

Steam Straightener vs Flat Iron: So, Which One Should I Use?  Are Steam Hair Straighteners Better Than Normal Flat Irons?

Here we have our final verdict and more or less a quick summary on deciding which one is best to use: Steam Straightener or Flat Iron?

I can tell you that steam hair straighteners are supposed to be less damaging than conventional flat irons. 

it’s gonna depend on your hair type. Well, actually it works on most hair types and anyone can use a steam flat iron.

Down below I am listing a few important points before you take your decision about steam flat iron or steam hair straightener:

  • It works better on fine hair, wavy hair, almost straight hair than how it would in thick, unruly, voluminous hair
  • It works better on low porosity hair than on high porosity hair
  • If your hair is hard to manage and unruly, or if you  have hard curls, you may find it doesn’t really reduce volume or get rid of frizz effectively. (of course it depends on the brand you choose. Some brands offer a better finish while others not)
  • It’s less damaging than conventional flat irons.
  • steam hair straighteners are quicker than conventional flat irons
  • If you are looking for a perfectly square, it is better a regular iron
  • If you are looking for a quick fix to hair for your daily routine, it is best a steam hair straightener
  • By using the steam hair straightener, you can infuse oil mixing it with the water and have an amazing hair treatment at your hands

Steam Flat Iron Hair Straightener: What’s In It? What Should I look for while choosing them?

You know that steam flat irons / hair straighteners come with features that differ a lot from conventional flat irons, right?

In this section we are taking a look at these parts with a little more of details, hopefully you should be able to understand it a little more while making your buying decision.

Steaming Vents

The vapor is delivered into your hair by the steaming vent. Every steam flat iron has a vaporizing mechanism that transforms the water from the reservoir into vapor and transmits it onto your hair.

The steaming vents are positioned in different ways. From the lateral of the steam flat iron plates, or within the plates. 

It is known that plates that contain vents within the plates are better, because they spread the vapor in a more uniform way.

By doing that, you can be assured that all your hair is covered up evenly and moisture is distributed equally throughout your head.  

Liquid Reservoir

The liquid reservoir is where you add the water. Thanks to technology, nowadays it is possible to find portable reservoirs that are attached as part of the steam hair straightener.

That’s a great advance, because not so long ago, the reservoir was separated as a little machine that was connected to flat iron by a cable.

In order to have your steam flat irons doing its job, you need to remove the liquid reservoir and add water to it, to then be attached back to the flat iron.

Some steam flat irons will allow you to also add some drops of oil to the water. I’d give preference to these types of steam hair straighteners.

This is because steam flat irons that allow oil infusion, will give you an extra touch of care, as it adds additional nutrients and qualities from these oils deep into your hair.

Normally, the water capacity from these liquids varies from 10 to 50 ml. This is good to obverse while shopping for steam flat irons because the larger the capacity the less you will need to top up water during the straightening process.

So, if you have longer fuller hair, opt for liquid reservoir with larger capacity. Actually, it doesn’t matter, just go for the largest capacity, anyways to reduce going back and forth with topping up.  

For the record, a liquid reservoir that ranges from 40 to 50 ml, might take around 25 to 30 minutes to dry out so you can for sure speed up the process. 

So, this is really important to have in mind before buying your device, as smaller reservoirs will require you to top up water every 15 minutes and there are devices that require top up every 6 minutes.

The Heating Feature

Another thing you should pay attention to is how long a particular steam hair straightener takes to fully heat up.

Be very aware that there exist steam flat irons that take an eternity to fully heat up. I have seen devices that you will need to wait 2 minutes to fully heat up.

However, there are good steam flat irons that are as low as 30 seconds, and of course these are the ones that you want to have in hands, right?

If you are going to get a steam flat iron / steam hair straightener, do remember: Go for 30 seconds heat.

Temperature Auto-lock

If the steam flat iron comes with more than one temperature option, it is interesting to check out if it has the temperature auto-lock.

As the name says, temperature auto-lock is a mechanism that locks automatically the steam flat iron temperature once it reaches a particular temperature.

This avoids temperature oscillations while straightening your hair, avoiding extreme heat damaging and assuring even distribution once a certain temperature is achieved.

Anyone should give preference to this type of steam hair straightener, but especially, those with fine, thin hair, can have better control of what temperature should be allowed into their hair. 

So to avoid hair burning and other overheating problems, it is good to go for devices with the temperature auto lock feature.

Give Preference To Ceramic Plates

Titanium flat irons heat up too much and might not be as good for your hair like the ceramic plates. 

Ceramic plates deliver heat evenly, avoiding the heat to be concentrated in one spot instead of another and will cause less damage.

The same works with the steam flat irons / steam hair straighteners. I have written an article talking about ceramic flat irons, go take a look to know more about them.

Choosing Your Steam Flat Iron Quick Checklist

Now that you know what to look for while choosing a steam flat iron / steam hair straightener, I took some time to put together a quick checklist, just to summarize the points you need to remember:


What To Choose


Better to choose ceramic plates

Reservoir Capacity

The maximum capacity you find. The more water capacity, the less water top upping is needed. (30 to 40 ml).

Flex Stem feature 

Choose steam flat irons that can be used even if you decide not to use water and the steaming. Eg. Can be used both ways, with or without steaming.

Heating Time

The less the better. Normally 30 seconds

Temperature auto-lock

Yes, please, in case that multiple temperatures are offered.

Oil infusion feature

This one is optional, this is a plus to have an extra oil treatment infusion, so I’d go for it.

Top Tips To Assure The Best Straight as possible, when using a steam flat iron hair straightener 

OK, let’s suppose that you have decided to try a steam flat iron, bought it, or borrowed from a friend and are super happy.

Now, you just came to the right place, because here I selected a few tips that are going to help you get that shiny glossy hair that you are longing for.

There we go:

1. A great hair straightening starts with the washing. Make sure you find a very nourishing shampoo for your hair type.

Quick tip: I always like to apply hair conditioner as a pre-shampoo step and wait it for 5 minutes before rinsing. Then I wash hair normally. I really love love love the results when I do it. Try it yourself and let me know in the comments below if that worked for you!

2. I always deep condition my hair before any type of hot styling my hair. It helps to protect and gives an extra shine.

3. Always remember to use a good quality heat protectant

4. This is also really important! Apply the steam flat iron on thin strands of hair

5. Make sure to clean up the steam flat iron and dry it out taking any water drops off the bristles.

6. Use distilled water instead of normal water

7. Don’t add oil to the water unless your device has explicitly claimed you could do so

Steam Flat Iron Hair Straightener Questions & Answers (Q&A)

Take a look at the Q&A to check if there is any question that you might be wondering and have not found much about it.

Keep in mind that our Q&A section will be updated as soon as we receive more questions, so feel free to come back here and check for new info.

If you have any questions, please send it to me on my instagram @patriciarios.insta, or send it on the comments below!

Are Steam Flat Irons Better?

Steam Flat Irons can be considered better than conventional flat irons because they are less damaging. 

The water infusion makes a vapor that penetrates deep on the hair, retaining more moisture. So, if you want something to straighten your hair that is more gentle, here’s a good option.

It is better as well, because some steam flat irons allow you to add oils to the water that evaporates and infuses the oil deep on the hair.

So this is a good option for treating your hair, for example some non chemical keratin treatments can also be potentialized while applying steam flat irons.

In terms of results, I am gonna tell you that it depends on your hair type. As I have said, the more unmanageable and undisciplined your hair, the harder it will be to achieve good results.

On the other hand, the more malleable, your hair is, the easier it will be to achieve better results with the steam hair straightener.

What Are The Benefits Of Using A Steam Flat Iron / steam hair straightener? 

I think the main benefit that would encourage someone to buy a steam flat iron is that this is less damaging, more gentle to the hair.

If you get a good quality device, you can have very silky, and shiny hair as well. It is also known to be better at fighting humidity.

So if your hair gets easily ‘fluffy’ with humidity, this can be a good alternative for you. 

Another benefit can be a frizz-free look but this also depends on the hair or the quality of the steam flat iron.

Make sure that you buy a device that has a lot of great reviews, be online or on an actual physical store, make sure you get a well recommended product.

Steam Hair Straightener With Argan Oil (Or Any Other Oil): Does It Really Work?

We know that oils are great for our hair and you can use it a lot if you have dry hair, and it’s known that even oily hair can benefit from oil infusion.

The oil infusion on a steam flat iron is for all hair types, including oily hair, so if you have oily hair and are concerned, you shouldn’t because it can be a great hair treatment also for you.

The first time I saw this type of product on sale (the steam hair straightener with oils) I thought how does that work?

I thought it was a super cool new technology, but then I thought again and the more I thought, the less it made sense for me.

When I decided to take a closer look, I understood what was behind it. In fact, it’s pretty cool, and I’m gonna try to put it here in simple words.

What happens is that the hair steam straighteners that claim to be oil infused, have a system that filtrates the oil and transforms it into a sort of oil infused vapor that penetrates deeper on the hair.

Does that make sense? 

Now, I am not sure if I can mix oil and water with all steam flat irons or if I can do that only on the tools that are specifically labeled as an oil infusing tools.

Even though I was interested in mixing oil with the water, I would make sure that this is clearly  stated on the emballage that the product is suitable for such.

UPDATE: Guys, it’s official, DO NOT ADD oil to a steam flat iron hair straightener, unless it claimed you could do that, alright?

What can this do for the hair?

  • More shine
  • Deeper hydration
  • More silkiness
  • Quicker application

Sounds like a cool idea? Absolutely. However I have the same consideration I have shared since the beginning.

If you have too curly, unruly, afro hair, this might not really work for you, because in my opinion, it won’t look as pretty as it would do with a conventional flat iron.

Steam Hair Straightener For Thin Hair: Is It Good?

If you have thin hair, and it is not voluminous a steam flat iron can and will be a great alternative to conventional flat irons.

This is actually perfect for you because you should be able to have a more straight hair without compromising the volume. 

If you have thin hair that is voluminous, it will really depend if you choose a good quality steam flat iron.

Because if this is your case, steam flat irons will not really reduce the volume too much but can help control your hair.

But once again, there are new and advanced steam flat irons that are worth using and will deliver great results.

Steam Hair Straightener For Afro hair: Is It Good?

Now let’s talk about afro hair (or 4C type of curl) because many girls out there are wondering if this is a good idea to go ahead and buy a steam flat iron for them.

I know, it might sound general but it really depends on the quality of the steam hair straightening that you choose, but there are a few considerations that you should be aware of.

Firstly, this is not gonna look like a traditional flat iron. In my opinion, in most cases a conventional flat iron will do much better than the steam flat irons, for afro hair.

This is not particularly a bad thing, because you can still use it and achieve good results, but be aware that it will not be a tool that you want to use if you have a special event to get ready.

However, steam straighteners are still a good option if you use the heat quite often for everyday situations, where you want your hair a little more disciplined, right?

Also it is good because it won’t dry out your hair and is less damaging than traditional flat irons, so a good quality steam hair straightener can be a good thing, absolutely.

Just make sure you prep your hair with a good shampoo, and deep conditioners, and of course never forget to apply heat protectant before.

Is Steam Hair Straightener With Teeth Better?

I personally don’t like hair straighteners with teeth in general, and the reason for this is that I have very voluminous hair.

But you know each person is a head and what is good for me might not be good for you and vice versa.

But I think that if you have voluminous, curly hair, you might think in the same way, because I feel that the teeth get in the way making it difficult for the hair to slide on the plate.

I remember my first flat iron had removable teeth that looked like a comb that I could attach on the plates of the flat iron, and I used it only a couple of times because it annoyed me a little.

Now, if your hair type is easier to manage, it might be a good idea for you, as I believe it can even help you in this process.

So, in my opinion, to wrap up, if you have voluminous and very curly hair of any type, steam flat irons with teeth might not be as comfortable.

Especially if you stop to think that you will need to top up the water every now and again, I am pretty sure you will find it annoying.

If your hair is easy enough to manage, you can try it to see if it works well for you. My suggestion is to find a flat iron with removable teeth comb so you won’t waste your money in case you don’t like it.

For the final results, I don’t think it will make much of a difference, at least not in my case. Actually, in my case, it doesn’t make the difference at all.

But some people may argue that flat irons with teeth will make hair more straight or will make the process easier to endure.

In my opinion, it doesn’t really matter. But again, each head is a different world. However, if you ask my opinion, I say, it doesn’t really matter.


In this article, we have discussed when steam flat iron/hair straightener can be a good alternative for your hair, or not, you’re gonna also find reviews, learn how to buy it, and much more.

I have given you some tips on how to straighten your hair, which by the way, will work not only with steam flat irons but also with any heating styling tools.

Hope you could have found something useful that will help you with your next purchase decision and of course that will help you feel fabulous and prettier!

If you have any questions, please feel free to send it in the comments below and I will be more than happy to answer it very quickly.

Remember to always check this article for updates, and before you go, I separated here a few articles that I think you might like:

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