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The Ordinary Caffeine Solution Review

If you are interested in dark circles and puffiness treatments, take a look at this the ordinary caffeine solution review. I used it for several weeks and now, I am sharing everything with you the pros and cons.

About The Caffeine Solution 5 EGCG Serum 

The ordinary eye serum is a treatment for dark circles that targets fine lines and reduces puffiness. It contains:

  • A high concentration of caffeine (5%)
  • highly purified egcg Epigallocatechin Gallatyl Glucoside 

It also tightens the skin and reduces puffiness appearance. It is designed for topical use and indicated for under eyes skin concerns caused by :

  • Tiredness
  • Sleepless nights
  • Stress and things like that
  • Other Superficial temporary reasons

Note: The brand stated this won’t treat permanent puffiness and genetic, hereditary dark circles.  

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The ordinary caffeine solution review
The ordinary caffeine solution 5% + egcg reviews

How & When To Use 

Use this serum every day, morning (AM) and night (PM). A good tip is to pair this eye contour serum with moisturizing eye creams to keep under eyes hydrated.

Note: This post contains affiliate links, allowing me to get a commission if you buy a product recommended through the link at no extra cost to you.

The Ordinary Caffeine Solution Review

Here’s my honest The Ordinary Caffeine Solution Review. I have oily skin and have used it for almost three months, just for the records. 

the ordinary caffeine solution review

The ordinary caffeine solution 5 is fragrance-free and has a lightweight gelly serum texture. The eye serum spreads well throughout the eye contour area, so just a tiny bit of it is enough. It is quick to dry, so you can add it and quickly move on to the next steps in your skincare routine. 

The ordinary caffeine solution review

Does It Work?

My dark circles and puffiness are somewhat normal, not too noticeable. In the first days, there was nothing special. I know these things take time, so I waited a little more to conclude.

Over the weeks, I had minor improvements, but I noticed the under-eye area was drying out a bit. I had to use eye cream on top of this serum to fix it.

Many reviews out there say this is a miracle in a bottle. This isn’t the truth in my opinion. This is a good product, I had noticed some improvements but it didn’t treat my dark circles and puffiness 100%. Ironically, it worked a bit better for eye puffiness than for the dark circles. For the price it is worthy trying.

The caffeine solution

How Long Does The Ordinary Caffeine Solution 5 EGCG Take To Work?

For me, it took about three weeks. For better results, Make sure you keep a consistent skincare routine.


  • Contains UV Radiation Protection
  • The ​​caffeine solution 5 EGCG works fine and It is easy to spread on the skin.
  • Treated puffiness and dark circles to some extent /Improved the eye area appearance 
  • After all, you can gently massage the area, as the texture is perfect for that.
  • cruelty free
  • oil free


The biggest problem I experienced was that I noticed my skin got dry under the eye contour area. This also contains urea and lactic acid, which may not be indicated if you have sensitive skin on the eye area, as it can irritate. My skin is sensitive, and didn’t experience irritations but it is nice to be aware.

the ordinary eye serum review

You can find The Ordinary Caffeine Solution online on Amazon or at Sephora.

Key Ingredients


  • Provides UV radiation protection
  • Can reduce puffiness
  • Efficient in anti-aging, anti wrinkles age spots
  • ingredients aqua that tightens the skin
  • antioxidant content that fights free radicals that cause wrinkles or age spots
  • Has higher concentration, than found in most eye creams
Eye Serum Ingredients

 EGCG From Green Tea Leaves (Epigallocatechin gallatyl glucoside EGCG)

  • EGCG Is a polyphenol that’s extracted from green tea leaves. that soothes the skin
  • green tea is widely used by the cosmetics industry and may help and  reduce eye puffiness
  • antioxidant content protects from free radicals Often times more efficient than Vitamin E
  • Efficient to fight ​​puffiness and dark circles
  • Contains Sun protection
  • Improves crow’s feet appearance

Soybean Seed Extract Or Soja Soybean Seed Extract

  • soja soybean seed extract firms and strengthens the area

In addition, you can find the following ingredients:

  • dehydroacetic acid, pentylene glycol, benzyl alcohol, xanthan gum, oxidized glutathione

Tips For better results

Eye Serum Dropper

If you opt to add this serum to your skincare products list, there are some tips to make the most of it.

  • Be consistent and patient and use it every day AM and PM and wait at least three weeks to draw conclusions
  • It’s a good idea to leave it in the refrigerator, that way you can apply the cool product onto your under eyes 
  • Pair this eye serum with hydrating eye contour creams 

Alternatives To The Ordinary Caffeine Solution

Cerave eye contour Repair Cream 

The Cerave Repair eye contour cream contains hyaluronic acid, which provides an extra layer of hydration. This is one of the best eye creams to pair with the caffeine solution 5 EGCG because it mainly moisturizes. 

Cerave Eye Repair Cream Review: Does It Work?

I have used this one myself, and it works like a regular moisturizer just for the eye contour area.

Pros: Leaves the skin hydrated and moisturized


  • From my own experience, it is not that efficient for puffiness
  • The texture is really thick which is difficult to spread onto the skin

CETAPHIL Hydrating eye contour Gel-Cream

The CETAPHIL Hydrating eye contour Gel-Cream is very gentle and suitable for all skin types. It also contains Hyaluronic acid for instant hydration that lasts up to 24 hours.

Cetaphil Eye Serum


  • Contains Hyaluronic acid which hydrates and prevents age spots
  • Prevents irritations
  • Treats skin concerns such as puffy eyes and under eyes redness

Cons: It may be a problem if you don’t like gel solutions.

Ordinary Caffeine Solution 5% + EGCG Alternatives

L’Oreal Hyaluronic Acid + Caffeine eye contour Serum

The L’Oreal Hyaluronic Acid + Caffeine is a hydrating eye contour Serum that treats puffiness and dark circles. Its revitalizing formula treats Wrinkles, Aging, age spots and is suitable for all skin types.

Pros: Fragrance-free, paraben-free and allergy tested

Cons: May take a while to start showing the benefits

Patch test

Decien always recommends you perform a patch test before using the ordinary products. You can look at their complete guide which explains all the steps you need to take.

The ordinary & Pregnancy

Decien stated they never tested their skincare products on pregnant women. If you are pregnant and want to use The Ordinary products, it is better to look for medical advice before.

The Ordinary Caffeine Solution Review Q&A

✪ Is it safe?

There are rumors that caffeine solution 5 EGCG may irritate sensitive skin

I didn’t have any problem, but always perform a patch test in the area to be on the safe side.

✪ Is this serum supposed to burn?

No. The ordinary caffeine solution 5 EGCG is not supposed to burn. If that happens, it is better to wash the area and suspend it immediately.

✪ When does the ordinary caffeine solution expire?

Once you open the bottle, it takes 12 months to expire. Always check the box for updates.

✪ How long does the serum last?

It lasts long because you need only a small amount of the product on each application.

✪ Is this serum vegan?

Yes. The Ordinary products are is vegan and cruelty free

✪ can you use this serum on your eyelids?

No. I used it on my eyelids only to have my eyes irritated. It got a little itchy and red. 

✪ can you use it with niacinamide?

Yes, it is fine. I would pair it with another eye contour cream that contains niacinamide.

✪Can you use it with vitamin C?

You can pair it with eye creams that contain vitamin C.

✪ Can you use it on your face?

The ordinary caffeine solution 5 is a treatment to reduce eye puffiness and dark circles.

This cannot be used as a facial cream or face moisturizer.

Decien Recommends you apply the caffeine solution 5 egcg eye serum only under the eyes. 

The Ordinary Caffeine Solution Review Final thoughts

Here are some final conclusions based on my testing:

  • I use it before face moisturizer, and normally pair it with hydrating eye creams
  • If you use it consistently you may end up noticing small improvements in your eye contour area
  • You can safely use it for puffy eyes and pesky dark circles.
  • While adding it onto the eye contour, make sure to avoid your eyelids to avoid eye irritation
  • It doesn’t work to treat sub dermal tissues

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