Vichy Ideal Soleil 3 In 1 Review

Hi all, read this Vichy Ideal Soleil 3 In 1 Review if you want sunscreen to use in summer, winter, and all other seasons.

To go to the beach, walking down the streets, under makeup, let’s talk about this UVA/UVB sunscreen protection.

Let’s get started!

Vichy Ideal Soleil 3 In 1 Review Summary 

Welcome to the sunscreen series, which is part of the skincare journal series as well.

This is the first sunscreen of this series and I am super excited to talk about it because it is a product that works.

The reason I loved it so much is because first of all I liked how I used to walk on the beach and my skin didn’t get rough nor irritated the day after.

This is actually a strong concern, and the most important for me, to find a facial sunscreen that I could actually see that worked.

The smell is ok and the texture is no different from average sunscreens out there.

Vichy Ideal Soleil 3 In 1 Review

It is easy to spread on the face and I think it’s easy to remove as well.

It is a great product, but I have a few cons to take into consideration as well.

The main con that I have to say is that even though they say this sunscreen has a matte finish, it was not true on my face.

My skin got really shiny as it would with any other normal sunscreen.

Despite that, I don’t think this would make me stop buying it, because I have never seen a so-called matte cosmetic to work on my skin.

70 SPF Factor

I have very sensitive oily skin and always look for the highest SPF factor, like 90 or even 100 but the 70 SPF factor worked really well for me.

About The Vichy Ideal Soleil 3 In 1

This is a product designed for oily skin, but if you have normal skin this could work for you as well.

I have seen some people saying that it is not indicated to use if you have dry skin.

There will be tons of products created especially for dry skin and you can find one that suits you best.

But in my opinion, this should work on dry skin as well as I didn’t feel it controlled any of my skin oleosity. 

However, for sun protection, it works wonders so it is worth a try. 

Vichy Ideal Soleil

Technology 3 in 1

It counts with technology 3 in 1, combining three functions in one product, which are:

  1. Oil control throughout the day
  2. Anti-pollution and purifying action, Skin revitalization
  3. UVA / UVB Protection 

But in the end, it seems like they deliver much more than 3 benefits, on their website here’s the full list of what you will get:

  • UVA & UVB Rays Protection
  • Oil control
  • Anti Pollution Action
  • Purifying Skin
  • Dry touch
  • Quick absorption
Vichy Ideal Soleil 3 In 1

Texture & Smell

The texture is of very thick and dense cream, that I didn’t think was so easy to spread on the face. 

I also didn’t think it was quickly absorbed by the skin but it was not a big deal, because I normally use too much product.

If you are planning to wear it every day underneath makeup is possible, however, it is more indicated to choose a moisturizer with SPF for that.

Even though I love makeup, I don’t use it every day and as I have a house on the beach I use it mostly for my walks or just to lie on the beach, which works for me.

The smell is pretty much a normal sunscreen smell. There is not much to say but I like it and it doesn’t bother me.

How To Use ​​Vichy Ideal Soleil?

Sunscreens should be used in summer, winter, or in another season because UV rays are active even on cloudy raining days.

It is Ideal to use this and any other sunscreen 30 minutes before getting exposed to the sun.

The way to get the most of a sunscreen, is to apply it generously and wait a few minutes until it is absorbed by the skin.

Once again, 30 minutes before leaving home, and then I like to apply it again one minute before going out.

Remember to apply the sunscreen again if you wet your face, after a sea bath or swimming.

I also like to refresh and apply it again, every 2 hours, so I stay on the safe side.

Vichy Sunscreen Review

Is ​​Vichy Ideal Soleil 3 In 1 Good?

I used to think that it was hard to measure sunscreen performance.

I was asking myself how I know the UVB & UVA protection is working.

But then I started to walk and go to the beach often enough to see that it is actually possible.

And after doing this with and without sunscreens I could get to my conclusion.

This sunscreen works pretty decently and I can say it is good. 

The reason I say this is because my skin was not acting weirdly the day after sun exposure, as it would normally do if I wasn’t wearing this sunscreen.

I am not saying this is the best sunscreen in the world, as I have found other products that cost less and also work decently.

But if you want to try this one out, you will not regret it.

Down below I am sharing exactly how my skin felt while using this sunscreen.

Vichy Sunscreen Review

Vichy Ideal Soleil 3 In 1 Skin Report

I normally wash my face before applying this sunscreen directly onto my skin.

In my case, I don’t feel there’s a need to apply a serum or any other product because I feel my skin gets hydrated enough with this.

But you can use a moisturizer and a serum before of course, as the ideal should be it.

Just for the record, I don’t feel like it controls any oleosity of my face and didn’t experience the matte dry touch / finish they said I would.

I apply a lot of the product on my face, put my hat on and I am ready.

For those days that I want to wear a bit of makeup foundation, then I apply just a thin layer.

Vichy Review

But normally I would use another product for that and leave this product just for the no-makeup days.

If I don’t wear sunscreen, or depending on the sunscreen I use, my skin can get really irritated after sun exposure.

The symptoms can also vary from hyperpigmentation to redness, skin can get really rough and pores can be dilated.

First time I used it I noticed that my skin didn’t get as rough as it gets the day after sun when I am not using anything.

With continuous use, my skin continued to stay hydrated and didn’t look opaque and it was not irritated which was great.

Is Vichy Ideal Soleil 3 In 1?

So far, I’ve shared that this sunscreen is good but is it really worth it? Hum…that’s a tricky one.

I totally recommend this Vichy sunscreen and I think I didn’t waste my money at all.

I recommend you to get this one and try this out because I am pretty sure that you won’t regret it.

But I have also to say here that there are cheaper products that may give you almost the same results.


Vichy Soleil

In this Vichy Ideal Soleil 3 In 1 Review, we talked about a luxury high-end sunscreen that is good and works for sun protection and skin hydration and purification.

However, I cannot agree that this product controls oleosity as the producer states.

However, this was actually not a big deal because I could still feel my skin texture benefit a lot by using this product.

In addition, it protected my skin from the sun which was my main goal by purchasing this product.


I have purchased this product myself and decided to share my own and real experience on this sunscreen series of the skincare journal of this blog.

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