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What Are Hybrid Lashes Extensions 101

Today you are gonna learn what are hybrid lashes, how they are applied, and compare them with other types of lashes.

But remember to take a look at the Q&A section, so you can decide if hybrid eyelash extensions are for you or not.

Let’s get started!

What Are Hybrid Lashes?

Hybrid lash extensions are a type of eyelash application composed of a combination of classic and volume lashes.

That’s right, if you want to get lash extensions, you should carefully think about what type / style of lash you want to adopt.

Before making this decision, you have to have in mind that a classic eyelash extension relies on the basic style.

This will give you some length on your lashes, so succinct that it not only looks natural.

Depending on who does your lashes,  it may not even make that much of an impact. 

Volume lashes, as the name already says, will give you this dramatic look, leaving your lashes fuller.

What Are Hybrid Lashes Extensions

Depending on your lifestyle or taste, the volume may be all you need and no one should contest it.

However, if you kinda like the dramatic style but still want to keep your roots on the basic side, then hybrid eyelashes come to action.

From choosing to apply hybrid eyelashes, you combine the best of these two worlds, length and volume.

And by the way, hybrid eyelashes can be permanent extensions, or temporary ones, such as the fake lashes you buy in the drugstore.

Sometimes it is good to try them out with the drugstore lashes just to test the water and check what you really want.

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What Do Hybrid Lashes Look Like?

An Image talks more than a thousand words, right? Now that you know What Are Hybrid Lashes extensions, let’s take a look at it.

It is easy to say that hybrid eyelashes are a combination of two other types of lashes, but does it look like this?

I took the pictures below from eyelash studios I found on Instagram and these two examples illustrate really well what I mean.

I personally don’t have any connection with these profiles but feel free to follow them on.

If you take a look at the image below, this is a full example of a bold hybrid eyelash extension.

What Are Hybrid Lashes Extensions

What are hybrid lashes extensions?

In the next example of hybrid eyelash extension, you will see a little less volume, but it keeps the volume as well.

What Are Hybrid Lashes Extensions

Now, take a look at the next example, with the before and after image comparison. The results are stunning!

lash extensions

What are hybrid lashes extensions: Before and After

I think, if you were not sure until this moment, you are probably sold after seeing the image above.

I love the results. They are bold enough but it is not too extravagant. 

I don’t have lash extensions myself, but if I were to get them done, I’d definitely go for hybrid eyelashes.

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What Are Hybrid Lashes Extensions: Intensity

How intense will your hybrid lashes look? 

One cool thing about permanent hybrid eyelash extensions is that you can decide how bold they should be.

Of course, there are salons that don’t offer too much flexibility over that, but you can choose a professional that meets your requirements.

For example, there are saloons that offer a hybrid eyelash package made out of 50% classic lashes plus 50% volume lashes.

At the same time, another saloon offers a combination of 70% volume plus 30% classic lashes. 

But there are saloons that let you choose the combination that is more appropriate to your taste and needs. 

This is very easy to sort out, and a good idea is to talk to at least three professionals to ask what they recommend.

A professional should be able to formulate the best combination that is suitable to your face, eye shape, and lifestyle.

What Are Hybrid Lashes Made Of?

There are different types of materials that can be used in eyelash extensions. You will probably hear about three types of materials.

The first one we are gonna talk about is the Mink lash, which is made with mink fur. 

We know that nowadays there are much better options of synthetic lashes that bring even better results than mink lashes.

For this one, I am not really talking much, because we are totally against using mink fur for eyelash extensions.

There are times when eyelash professionals combine synthetic eyelashes with silk eyelashes, to give us this hybrid effect.

But it really depends, because different minerals may have different durations and textures.

Synthetic Eyelash Extension

The synthetic eyelash extension is made out of polished, acrylic material. It is shinier and the material is a bit thick, which is ideal for a dramatic look. 

However as the synthetic Eyelash Extensions can have different sizes, and thicknesses, they can be combined to give a share to the hybrid application.

Because this is a firmer material, it can hold a nice curl that will make you look even prettier.

The downside of the synthetic eyelash extension is that some people may find it unnatural. 

Another problem is that it may not take as long as the other types of materials, such as the silk eyelash extension.

Silk Eyelash Extension

The silk eyelash extension is finer than the synthetic, more malleable, and can give you a very natural look.

The good news is that silk eyelashes last longer than synthetic lashes and are a good fit for hybrid eyelashes as well.

Choose silk eyelash material for a natural hybrid eyelash that will last longer and give you a smile.

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How Long Do Hybrid Lashes Last?

On average, Hybrid eyelash extensions can last more or less eight weeks. 

It is possible to have them last a bit longer if you perform regular maintenance every 3 weeks. 

Of course, the better you look after your eyelash extension they will be better conserved for a bit longer.

Pay particular attention to theeyelash aftercare period because they are quite important on how long your hybrid lash extension lasts. 

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How To Clean Hybrid Lashes?

The process is quite simple and is the same for any eyelash extension type. Here are the steps:

  1. Use a gentle lash cleanser that’s oil free and alcohol free
  2. Wet your lashes with warm water, apply a little bit of cleanser on a cotton swab and gently pass it with up and down movements
  3. Gently rinse it with lukewarm water

You should avoid using a cotton pad. Alternatively, you can use your finger instead of a cotton swab.

You can try it on and see what works best for you.

How Long Do Hybrid Lashes Take To Apply?

On average, the hybrid eyelash application can last 2 to 3 hours.

Of course, this may vary from salon to salon, but this is what you can normally expect.

If someone promises it will take less than that, you should really pay attention and investigate further.

If you are aiming for high quality, let the professional take his time.

For the manutention though, sessions will be shorter and can take as long as one hour or so. 

Always make sure you find the best professional by looking for reviews and recommendations.

Hybrid Lashes vs Classic

I have mentioned something about this already, but it is nice to have a quick recap.

Hybrid lashes are a combination of classic with volume lashes. In this case, this is not too full, but still quite dramatic.

You can always find a mid-term with your beautician to find a good balance for you.

But one thing is for sure. If you like a bolder look, you will probably prefer hybrid lashes over classic lashes.

Classic lashes are really pretty as well but way more discreet than the hybrid eyelashes.

Classic leashes add length and hybrid lashes combine it with fullness.

Hybrid Lashes Vs Russian

Russian eyelash styles are much fuller than hybrid and volume lashes and despite that, they are really lightweight.

If you are looking for an extra dose of volume and drama, then you may consider applying russian lashes.

Down below you have an image with an example of volume eyelashes extensions.  

Are they the right choice for you?

lash extensions

Hybrid Lashes vs Volume

We have talked about this already, but in a nutshell, hybrid lashes are the mid-term between classic and volume lashes. 

Volume eyelash extensions, on the other hand, are less dramatic than russian eyelashes.   

Down below you can see an image where you can take a look and compare the styles.


Credits: Radhasdayspaz website

What Are Hybrid Lashes Extensions Q&A

Now that you know what are hybrid lashes and how to keep them, we are almost done.

Down below we have a few frequently asked questions, to help you understand more about hybrid lashes.

If you would like to send me more questions, please feel free to contact me and send them!  

Can I remove Hybrid lashes At Home?

If you are thinking about an eyelash extension, have in mind that taking them off at home by yourself is not an option.

Plan yourself to always have professional assistance, from the beginning until the end.

If you need or just decide to take your eyelashes off, go to an eyelash salon to take them off.

Are Hybrid Lashes Worth It?

Absolutely yes, if you are looking for a bold look, then hybrid lashes are for you. If you want a little less boldness, just ask for the professional you want. They will find a way that will make you happy.

Are Hybrid Lashes Vegan?

It depends. Some salons may use mink fur, which does not classify as a vegan. But there are Synthetic and silk eyelashes that are vegan.

If you want to make sure you are not using mink fur, ask exactly what material the saloon is using.

Can Hybrid Lashes Fall Out?

Eyelash extensions may fall and even though this can be natural, it is better to visit your eyelash salon to double-check.

Some common reasons are:

  • This can be due to normal eyelash growth cycle
  • Poor diet may be causing your natural eyelashes to be weak
  • Poor quality material and service 
  • Use of eye mascara can encourage lash extension falls
  • Products that contain oils may reduce retention of eyelash extensions
  • Be careful because lash growth serums and conditioners, will encourage lash growth and consequently it may affect your eyelash extensions
  • Not properly cleansing your lashes
  • Weather and climatic conditions, for example, too much sun exposure can cause sweetness that may affect eyelash retention 

There may be other reasons, it is better not to rely on the internet to track that. 

The best option really is to book an appointment with your eyelash salon to double-check if the causes are natural or not.

Are Hybrid Lashes Better Than Classic?

There is no better or right, as it depends on your taste. However, hybrid eyelash extensions are known to last longer than the classic.

As I mentioned before, classic eyelashes are thinner and longer but they are not as full as the hybrid extensions.

If you are more discreet, then the classic eyelash extensions may be better for you.

If you want a little more boldness, then go to hybrid or volume eyelash extensions.

Is Hybrid Lashes Better Than Volume?

Once again it depends on your taste and how you want to look and feel about yourself. 

Hybrid and classic lashes are more common than volume lashes.

But it all depends if you want to look more discreet, or if you want to be bolder.

Are Hybrid Lashes The Same As Russian?

No hybrid eyelashes are NOT the same as russian eyelash extensions. 

Russian eyelash extensions are extremely full and bold, while hybrid eyelash extensions are a bit less voluminous.

Do Hybrid Lashes Last Longer?

Hybrid lashes last longer than classic eyelashes. 

Do Hybrid Lashes Look Fake?

Hybrid lashes are certainly not going to give a basic discreet look, right?

Ok, but it doesn’t mean that it will look. Of course, it depends on the professional and the quality of the lashes.

But if you find a good professional they will be able to leave you with a great look.

Not a natural discreet look, but certainly no fake.

What Are Hybrid Lashes Extensions Conclusion

In this article you learned What Are Hybrid Lashes Extensions, compared it with other types of eyelashes, and took a look at some frequently asked questions.

If you have any suggestions, comments to add, and questions please feel free to send it to me at psrios(at)gmail.com.

Hope you enjoyed this reading, and if you like, please share this article with your friends who are thinking about getting their lashes done!

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