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What Is Body Mist & How To Use Body Mist vs Perfume

Body Mist vs Perfume: What are and how to use body mists? This article is dedicated to you, who wants to understand a little more about this world, as well as some ideas on how to use it. In addition, if you want to know what are the best body mists out there, stay tuned because we’ve got you covered. 

We all love perfumes, especially women. We just love to splash some good smell at home, in the office and we truly value a nice smell in the ambiance and in ourselves.

Body mists are a thing now. But not only now, since I was a child I used to apply some body lotion, with a nice and comforting smell, you just feel clean, fresh with a sense of self-care. It is extra care, a little detail that you look after yourself, that makes all the difference in our self-care routine.

What are body mists? How To Use Body Mists?
Difference between body mist and perfume

What Is A Body Mist? What Is Fragrance Mist?

A Body Mist (or fragrance mist)is a lighter version of the perfume. They are softer, with a less concentrated and more delicate smell. They don’t last as long as a perfume and can take around (more or less) 3 hours. 

OK, now that you know what a body mist is, you must be asking yourself, what is the point of choosing a body mist over a perfume? If perfumes will take longer to fade away, what is the point and why is this worth it?

What Is Body Spray?

Bod spray is the same as a body mist meaning. The Body Spray has the same scent as the perfume, just a little lighter.

It is a great option for those who like softer smells or situations that ask for a more discreet perfume.

Body Mist vs Perfume

Body Mist vs Perfume
Body spray vs perfume

Body mist vs Perfume: Although the purpose is similar, the differences between the body mist and the perfume are in their characteristics.

Perfume is basically a mixture of essential oils, alcohol, and water.

Its aroma is stronger because the concentration of essences is between 15% to 20%. In addition, there are two versions of perfumes:

Eau de Parfum, which has a more intense concentration of essence, and the Eau de Toillet, which is a little weaker than the previous one because it has a lower concentration of essence.

The body mist differential is that it creates a lighter aroma, whether compared to Eau de Parfum or Eau de Toillet perfumes.

This is because it contains between 1% and 5% essence. The body splash is a great option for everyday life and serves to make people more fragrant, without having so much presence.

Reasons To Use A Body Mist

  • Use a body mist if you want to smell beautiful but do not want a strong smell
  • You can use it after a shower to stay at home for a lighter and more refreshing feeling
  • This is perfect if you are somewhat allergic to strong smells

As I mentioned before, body mists are lighter than perfumes but the difference between them and deodorant is basically because they won’t be strong enough to keep you out of odors such as underarms and so on.

How To Use Body Spray? What Is Body Mist Used For?

How to use a body spray? if you are wondering how to use body mists, then you are in the right place.

How To Use Body Spray

It is easy. Just spray some on your wrist and rub one wrist onto another. You can also spray it on the sides of your neck.

If you have it after a shower, Just splash body spray all over the wet body and then dry it out with a towel.

First of all, you can use body sprays, in many different ways, even more ways than the actual perfume.

The most common way to use body sprays (or body mists) is after a shower. You can splash it all over your body.

I like to splash body spray with the wet body, this way, I can spread it all over the body without having it smell too strongly.

Another thing to have in mind is that body mists don’t last as long as perfume, right? So it is a nice idea to splash it on your body a few times during the day.

You can use it to stay at home, to go to sleep, to go out, you can use body mists everywhere.

In my case, I love to wear perfume when I go out to work or to meet friends but love body mist after a bath or a long shower to stay at home. I also like to splash body mist on my clothes. But here are some more ways you can use it:

  • Is great to be used in summer during these sweating days
  • After workout and sports, take a shower and apply it for refreshens
  • Splash some body mist on a hot bad tub for a great relaxing time

How To Use Body Mist: What Are Body Mists Used For?

You can use body mists any time you want, and in fact, I have some friends who use only body mists instead of perfume, just because they like to keep it light. But if you don’t have problems with perfume and are wondering how you can use body mists, here I have a few suggestions that you can use as inspiration.

Body Sprays Uses

1. After showering for an extra freshness

Here is how I like doing it. Sometimes I like to add body mists with the same fragrance of my shower gel, right after a shower, while I’m still wet. I let it sink for a few minutes and then I dry myself normally. I like doing that because it adds a very suave, light smell that is not too strong but still keeps me fresh.

As I can feel the scent in the background, I feel very comfortable, as if I am taking care of myself. Once I bought a body mist that was a bit strong and I applied it to stay at home. I applied it after a shower, while I was already dry, and went back to my room.

Even though the smell was not as strong as perfume, it was still strong to leave me annoyed and with a slight headache. I love to keep on feeling the smell of a nice scent after showering to stay at home but even the body mist can be a little annoying if you are sitting at home and watching TV, or a movie, because you don’t move a lot, the smell must be as light as possible, so apply it before getting dry, wait a little while and then dry yourself normally.

2. Add it into the bath for a spa day

What about a spa day with a bath? I know there are aromatic essences that you will normally use to increment your baths but the advantage of adding body mists to it is that in the end, you will continue to feel the essence in your body. I have tried it and loved it so much that every now and again, I am soaking my favorite body mists.

3. Spray it on pillowcases and bedsheets

Nothing better than going to sleep and feeling a lovely smell on your pillowcases and bedsheets. Unless you are allergic, as body mists are more delicate, you can splash a little on your bedclothes. It will not only give you some freshness during bedtime, it can be actually relaxing. So splash body mists on it!

4. Use it to refresh your wardrobe 

In the same way, you can splash it on your bedding, what about doing the same to refresh your wardrobe and drawers? As the smell is more dedicated you can spray it in the mornings and give a little tone of jasmine or lavender. You can also do it a little before getting ready so the clothes can be very perfumed when you dress up. 

Body Mists Image

Where To Apply Body Mists?

I have shared already that I like to splash body mists all over the body after a shower, on a wet body. Then, I dry myself with the towel and the results are the following:

  • I have the body splay evenly spread all over my body
  • the smell doesn’t end up too strong because the body splash gets mixed with the water on the body, giving me a nice and pleasant smell
  • as a bonus, my towel also keeps the nice smell, which is very pleasant

I normally do it before sleeping or when I am intending to be at home. As I am not going to be in movement, this will not make me feel sick with too much smell.

But of course, there are other ways to apply body mists. I know there are many people who are allergic to perfumes, or have a very sensitive nose and want to use body mists for going out and spending the day.

So here are some suggestions on where you can apply body mists:

  • First apply body mist on the sides of the neck
  • Then spray a little on your chest
  • Apply on both wrists

How Much Body Mist To Use?

If you are wondering how much body mist to use, don’t worry because you can apply as much as you want.

If you like the smell and want it to become a bit stronger and stay for longer, just apply a little more than usual.

Body Splash Vs Body Spray: What is the difference?

Body splash and body sprays are technically the same things. The difference is only in the name. Some brands may call it body splashes and other brands call it body sprays.

What is the difference between a body mist and a deodorant?

As I mentioned before, body mists are lighter than perfumes but the difference between them and deodorant is basically because they won’t be strong enough to keep you out of odors such as underarms and so on.

Body Mists Q&A

Are Body Mists Strong?

Normally, body mists are lighter than Eau de parfum. There are however body mists that are stronger than others, but in general, this is not the idea. The idea is to have something that is indicated for those who are looking to smell nice but are not really into strong smell, be it for an allergy or just because you are at home and want some nice smell that won’t bother you.

Are Body Mists Good? 

I personally love body mists and think they are great. It is good for those who suffer from allergies, or if you are going to meet people that you don’t know if they like strong smells. Of course, there will be people that are intolerant to any type of perfume, even the lightest one, so if you are like this, you better stay away from certain types of body mists.

For me, body mists are great to use after a shower or a bath and you want to smell beautiful after a spa day, or to stay at home with friends, family, and loved ones. Of course, as with any other perfume, there will be brands that will not deliver the best body mist but this is life and happens with any product.

Can Body Mist Be Used On Underarms?

Yes, body mists can be used on underarms but efficiency is very limited in this case. The best solution for those looking for an alternative to deodorants is to find natural gentle deodorants that won’t irritate.

If you don’t want to use deodorants at all and are looking for a DIY alternative, here are a few things you can use instead:

  • Use  1/8 of a teaspoon of baking soda and mix it with water but don’t try to dissolve it. Apply the mix to your armpits
  • Lemon juice
  • Add 1/4 baking soda, 1/4 cornstarch, 5 tablespoons coconut oil, or an extra virgin essential oil of your choice

Best Body Mists By Chanel

If you were wondering what are body mists, here we have three wonderful body veils of mist from Chanel. Here we have the CHANEL COCO MADEMOISELLE Velvet Body Oil Spray, CHANEL CHANCE EAU TENDRE Sheer Moisture Mist, and the CHANEL COCO MADEMOISELLE Fresh Moisture Mist.

  1. CHANEL COCO MADEMOISELLE Velvet Body Oil Spray: Smells like fresh Orange, with a touch of May Rose and Patchouli
  2. CHANEL CHANCE EAU TENDRE Sheer Moisture Mist: Has a green and fruity Grapefruit-Quince with a mix of Jasmine and White Musk
  3.  CHANEL COCO MADEMOISELLE Fresh Moisture Mist: This is a body mist that has moisturizing components. It has the COCO MADEMOISELLE fragrance, with a touch of Orange, Rose, and Patchouli.

Best Body Mists By Dior

Dior is another brand that has many great body mists or body sprays. In our example here, we have the J’adore Huile Divine Dry Oil, J’adore Body Milk, and the Miss Dior Silky Body Mist, as we see below let’s talk a little about each one of them:

  • Huile Divine Dry Oil: It is a Dry oil for the hair, body, and nails. The smell is long-lasting e everybody talks about how good it smells.  It is a mature floral scent, but still light enough for everyday usage.
  • J’adore Body Milk: With a fragrance that is a lightly scented version of the J’adore perfume, it makes your skin feel smoother & silkier. I have even used the lotion without perfume and I was not let down.
  • Miss Dior Silky Body Mist is Light and non-oily, and according to the brand, it preserves the skin’s hydration for 6 hours. If you like florals you will love this. I think that the downside is that it’s not long-lasting. But the smell is amazing.

Best Body Mists By AHAVA

  • AHAVA Deadsea Plants Dry Oil Body Mist – Mandarin Cedarwood Scent: This is a fragrant dry oil spray-on mist that has a hydrating effect on the skin. It is quickly absorbed and dried on the skin and can be used every day as part of your skincare routine
  • Mandarin + Cedarwood Dry Oil Body Mist: This is a hydrating spray-on mist, that will nourish your skin with amazing oils, leaving it soft and perfumed
  • Dry Oil Body Mist – Cactus + Pink Pepper: This luxurious spray-on dry oil is also extracted from a mix of Dead Sea plant oils, leaving your skin smooth and radiant!


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