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Why Do I Look Better Without Makeup

Did you ever ask yourself: Why do I look better without makeup? If so, you are certainly not alone. 

I know this should be fine, but sometimes, we feel tired or have an event that we want an instant glow-up, but we are afraid to wear makeup because it can make things worse.

As someone who struggles with this myself, I have found a few ways to get over it, I will explain how I do it, and hopefully, you can find some inspiration and guidance to wear makeup, or not.

Why Do I Look Better Without Makeup

Why this can be a concern for some of us? 

If you are searching on Google why I look better without makeup, you probably know this is not a bad thing, but I get how we all sometimes wake up feeling down and not feeling so pretty.

Maye, we are tired, maybe there was a hangover, or you want to look more polished.

Another case is when you go out for a huge party or a special event and don’t want to show up bare-faced because people may judge you. 

You want to give yourself that instant glow boost, yet you cannot count on makeup because it may worsen things. 

Do You Need To Wear Makeup?

You certainly don’t have to wear makeup all the time, especially if you look better without makeup; you can embrace your unique beauty and enjoy that you don’t have to worry about that so much.

Some friends look pretty with makeup but look entirely different without it. They complain they are slaves of makeup and would enjoy sleeping a little more instead of waking up earlier to get their makeup done.

Reasons Why You Look Better Without Makeup

Why Do I Look Better Without Makeup

1. You applied Too Much Makeup

Using too much makeup can ruin your natural beauty. I know this from experience; when I apply too much makeup, I don’t feel comfortable because it looks artificial and weird. 

The Solution: 

What I do to fix it is to keep it simple and short by using only concealer under the eyes and, in some specific areas, a little bit of mascara and lipstick.

Try using a thin mascara blush for a natural look. Some people think they won’t look good wearing colored lipstick. If this is your case, try using a rosè nude color. I do this when I feel I need a quick boost. 

Another tip is to use clear mascara, which I love but can be challenging to find in some areas. However, you can easily find them online on Sephora. 

2. You Need To learn what are the right tones for you

There are many color theories to understand whether you are a winter, summer, or spring or have a cool or warm skin tone. 

There is great stuff to know, but the best way to understand which color suits better to you is by testing them to understand how you feel using specific palettes.

For example, I have tested dark lipsticks, and I don’t like them at all. In the same way, I have tried blue and green eyeshadow, and I felt weird, which made me ditch these colors from my eyeshadow wish lists.

So, after a few tests, I realized that I don’t look good wearing dark and intense makeup colors, but I found out that golden, Cooper, and rosé makeup tones make me feel great.

3. You are not using the proper techniques 

Sometimes we think that applying makeup is a straightforward task; it is not. There are techniques for applying concealer, bronzer, blush, and even lipstick, to enhance your features and achieve a better look.

It is essential to watch the latest tendencies because new and better techniques are always arriving!

4. You bought Poor quality makeup

I want the best quality makeup because my face (and yours) need the best product to bring the best long-lasting finish without damaging our skin.

Poor-quality makeup will damage your skin over time, blocking the pores and affecting skin texture, causing pinpoints and even allergies. 

Also, they may need to offer better coverage that will beautify your skin. Find reputable brands; even on a budget, opt for known drugstore makeup brands. 

Makeup application

5. You bought the wrong High-End brand

I used to think that high-end brands would be a synonym for makeup and even skincare perfection. After, with time, I noticed that just because makeup is expensive, this will work for me.

I know this is going to be expensive to try all high-end brands to find out which one is the best for you, but if you find the one that will meet your needs, then you will find the holy grail.

For me, this happens especially with foundations and lipsticks. I found out that I like the MAC face and body foundation or the MAC pressed foundation. At the same time, I noticed that my lips prefer lipsticks from Lancome.

So if you bought expensive high-end makeup and still did not think it was good, it is perfectly normal.

5. You are not prepping your face

If you don’t properly prep your face before makeup, chances are that this will melt down quickly. Also, the skin may need to be more smooth and ready to receive makeup which may interfere with the final result.

6. You Are not using a finishing spray

Use finish spray to keep your makeup in place, preventing it from melting quickly. 

7. You haven’t found the proper foundation

Using the proper foundation is an essential step towards your makeup perfection. However, you must find the right one dedicated to your skin type and needs.


If you don’t need too much coverage, opt for a lightweight foundation and apply a skinny layer. If you have oily skin, you can easily opt for a pressed powder foundation that will work like a charm to eliminate excessive shine.

You can opt for a liquid or creamy hydrating foundation if you have dry skin. Also, applying my foundation with a sponge makes my makeup look much more natural. 

Another tip is to substitute foundation for tinted moisturizers and sunscreens. Follow these tips, and you will be good to go!

Tips To Look Great Without Makeup

Makeup application

Now that you have a few ideas about why you don’t look so good without makeup, let’s give you some tips on having your best glowy look without applying one little sip of foundation.

Hydration and Nourishment

Use hydrating moisturizers daily, preferably in the morning and evening, and drink plenty of water. 

Healthy Diet

Add fruits, vegetables, and healthy snacks that nourish your skin, leaving you strong and healthy. You will feel motivated and irradiant.

Facial & Body Workout 

Why not add a facial workout to your daily routine? Over time, you will notice a defined, firmer, and sculpted face. You can try facial yoga, for example.

Body workouts can improve blood circulation and benefit the entire body, helping you feel younger and more radiant.

Facial Massage

Regular facial massage will improve blood circulation and stimulate skin collagen, helping delay signs of aging, and giving q pumped and rejuvenated look.

Try this if you feel tired twice daily in your, morning and evening routine for at least one minute.

You can use a gua sha tool, jade roller, ice cubes, and fingers to promote lymphatic drainage and reduce puffiness.

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