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Why Does Sunscreen Burn My Face & What To DO!

Wearing sunscreens is an essential part of any skincare routine. Dermatologists all over the world recommend it to every living being, but it seems like something is not quite right for you and you Are wondering to yourself; why does sunscreen burn my face? 

Why Does Sunscreen Burn My Face?

There are a number of reasons for that, including allergy and using expired sunscreen. You probably have very sensitive skin, or you may be having an allergic reaction to one or more ingredients of a certain sunscreen.


Symptoms Of Sunscreen Allergy

Anyone can suffer from this, as the problem can happen with adults and children. The symptoms normally can include redness, itchiness, scabbed skin, red or white spots.

But, there are extreme situations where sunscreen allergy can cause difficulties to breath. This is not very common, but if this happens it is best to look immediately for a doctor.

If you apply sunscreen and you feel that it makes your skin burn, you can assume you may have an allergy. However, you should do an allergy test to confirm this is the real cause of the issue.

This way the dermatologist will investigate which ingredients and components you should be allergic to and recommend the right product that contains components that won’t harm you.

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What To Do When The Sunscreen Burns My Face?

When you notice the first symptoms of face burning, it is recommended that you wash the area immediately with a neutral ph facial soap and lots of water.

After washing, you can apply calming and hypoallergenic facial lotions that contain aloe vera. Preferably, use light weight products which will normally be more gentle. 

At this point, it is very important to pay extreme attention to your skin. If you noticed that symptoms did not fade or if they got worse, you should look for a doctor immediately. 

Choosing Sunscreen For Sensitive Delicate Skin

If you are looking for possible sunscreens that won’t burn your face, I must say that the best option is to do an allergy test and have a doctor investigate which ingredients will be the best for you.

But, if you know by now that you are only suffering from low risky hypersensitivity and want to find a product that may not cause irritation, then we have a couple of tips to share.

  • To get started, have in mind sunscreen should protect and treat your skin at the same time, so investing in a high quality product is a must. So be picky and investigate the ingredients this product contains.
  • Look if they are free of parabens and if they are clearly stated on the package they are designed to sensitive skin and contain hypoallergenic ingredients.
  • Also make sure to pick sunscreens that are free of cinnamates and benzophenone, a couple of ingredients that are normally added to sunscreen that may cause allergy.
  • Buy sunscreens that are alcohol free, fragrance free, without corants, which can lead to possible allergies, especially on the face.
  • Additionally, look for broad spectrum sunscreens that protect you from UVA and UVB rays and that contain hyaluronic acid and ceramides, to keep your skin hydrated and protected.

Main Characteristics 

  • FPS Factor 30 or higher
  • Lightweight texture
  • UVA and UVB Protection
  • Must be hydrating
  • Contains calming ingredients such as camomile and aloe vera

Suggestion Of Ingredients To Look For

  • Niacinamide: is antioxidant and a great option for sensitive skin and is anti-inflammatory, also good for those with acne and oily skin
  • Aloe vera: is anti-inflammatory calming and anti-bactericide. Good for all skin types especially acne prone skin.
  • Vitamina E: Is hydrating, calming and anti-inflammatory

Types To Prevent Sunscreen To Burn The Face

There are a few things you can try if you feel that sunscreens burn your face or if you believe you may be suffering from sunscreen allergies. If the symptoms persist, please consult your doctor.

  • Look for gentle anti-allergic sunscreens and always to a patch test on a small area and wait a little, before applying the product on your entire face
  • Avoid sun exposure between 10 am and 16 pm as the sun is normally stronger during this time interval
  • Stay on the shadow, wear hats and have a an umbrella handy for walking under the sun
  • Strengthen your skin with a proper skin care routine for sensitive or hypersensitive skin

How To Prevent Sunscreen Burn Your Face

One of the best ways to avoid any major problem is to do a patchy test before using any sunscreen products. For this, you can apply a small amount of sunscreen on a discreet area and wait for 12 hours. If nothing happens, then you can try the product on the face. 

Final Takes

In this article, we explored why sunscreen burns your face, ways to avoid it, what to do when it happens and some alternatives of sunscreens that are suitable for sensitive skin types.

If you have any suggestions and considerations regarding this post, please leave your comments on the section below! I will love to hear from you!

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