I am Patricia, and I am the here blogger at themakeup.org. Thanks for tuning in and welcome to my blog!

Here, I’m the author and publisher, and do everything from programming to designing, but the most exciting part is talking to you my dear visitor so I truly appreciate your interest to get to know a little more about me and the site.

I studied Media and Communication Science at the Technische Universität (TU) in Germany. So, I am an M.S.D. (Master) in online communication and marketing. I have been working with content marketing doing, social media experiments and customer satisfaction support center products.

Patricia Rios

How Did I get To The Beauty Publishing

As I have always been a makeup junky, I also loved to take care of my skin and hair. At the same time, my friends also asked me all the time for advice and recommendations on makeup, how-tos, cosmetics, skincare, hair care, and things like that.

Not so far I realized I loved not only taking care of my steam but my friends were also interested on what I had to say.

I always want to combine my passion to write and share content with a topic that I loved such as beauty and makeup, so I decided to take lessons on hairdressing, makeup and skincare.

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About The Blog

Here you see that my articles are mainly related to makeup, skin care and hair care. But I don’t want to limit my content to these topics as I like to feel free to talk about other things that I believe you may like, such as life-style, for example.

Goals Of This Blog

My goals with this blog is to help you take care of yourself, help you taking wise decisions on what to use for your makeup, skincare, hair and beauty routine. I love to pay attention to what is best, and the updates of the beauty world and share with you here.

There are products reviews, comparisons, makeup 101 basics for beginners, how to guides, skin care basics and things like that so you can find a safe place where you can enjoy, save your time, money and have a friend any time you need an advice!

About My Reviews

I love to bring reviews of products that I used myself and tested, this way you can have an honest and more assertive opinion. I also like to do a research to check how people are reacting to a certain product, this way you can get it from different perspectives.

Who Writes TheMakeup Reviews

For the moment, I am the only writer in this blog. I have been blogging in the beauty, fashion, skincare and beauty area for more than 15 years. To help me with this exciting work, I have taken skincare and aestheticism classes, as well as makeup classes and can give real good tips about hair and fashion style, as I have been doing this for such a long time!

Of course there is always much more to learn and we need to keep up to date with new trends and technologies. So I am constantly researching and taking new classes which helps me do what I love and help as many readers as possible!

How Do I write My reviews

I test the products for at least two weeks and I tend to share with you the products that I love. If I don’t like a product, I will prefer not to feature it here, as opinions may vary and what I don’t like can be gold to someone one else around the world.

But, if I find a product is really bad, I will make sure to share what like and what I don’t like about this product so you can have an idea of the pros and cons. So, no sugar coating here!

Why Do I write These Reviews

I am passionate about self care and love testing new products for myself. Since an early age, my friends would come to me for advice, which I really enjoyed. For this reason I decided to write about this and put all the things I have tested together to help other people to find the right products and services to help them to boost their self steam and revamp their self care routine.

My goal here is to help and be in touch with those who read this blog, as I try to bring some advice and perspective of different products, makeup, skincare advice, and hopefully bring something valuable for them!

How Do I write The Informational Content

Most of the content in this site is informational, where you can find how to articles, answers to most frequently asked questions (about beauty, makeup and skincare) and articles about beauty knowledge in general.

To write these articles, I use Scientific Papers as sources, I can also consult reputable sites and ask for volunteer experts to give their insights in such topics.

Where To Start?

Makeup 101 Guide

For makeup, you can take a look at these articles that I put together specially for beginners that want to improve their makeup skills. Here you will learn the following:

Skincare Basics

If we talk about makeup, we cannot leave skincare behind, because even the best makeup need a good skin foundation to bring you more radiance and confidence. You can take a look at these basic articles to get glowy and improved skin, starting today:

That’s it guys hope you are enjoying your the site and if you want to talk to me directly, you can reach me on this email contact(at)themakeup(dot)org. Thanks for getting by!

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