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The affiliate products that I place here are handpicked and go under quality control. Most of the products that contain affiliate links and all reviews are written based on real life experience of the product, which is tested by me.

If there are listicle articles such as (best …. For ….), in which I recommend a list of products, knowing that all products need to fill a bunch of requirements in order to be chosen. Our higher priority is to showcase high quality products, with the best reviews, or products that I believe you will love.

For these links I may receive a commission in case you purchase a product, at no extra cost for you.

How Do I Pick The Products For Reviews

First of all, I love to share products that are recommended by friends and that other readers suggest to me. I also have some brands that I love and that I know it’s a success every time I use. 

Also, sometimes I buy products I find interesting by visiting online and physical shops that I used and of course will share with you immediately. 

It is also possible that I receive a product or two for free testing, but most of the products are purchased by me.

For a list of products and other recommendations, I try to pick the products that are best rated and are very popular among the beauty community, so you know what are the latest trends and what is best out there.

The Affiliate Programs I am & Why

At the moment, most of my affiliate links  belong to Amazon associates (or Amazon Influencer Program) and the LTK Creators (former Reward Styles). I am also experimenting with another platform which is Shareasale.

I like these platforms because they are reliable, and proven to be competent affiliate companies that are serious and value their clients. Apart from that, they have a wide range of high quality products, great customer service that are known for their quality service.

Logistic & Devolution

It is really important to state here that by adding affiliate links to the site it does not mean that I am involved in the logistics, delivery, return, payments or any other transaction on the product page.

All affiliate links will lead you to a third-part website or online shop, which is completely independent from me and I am not responsible for any purchase you made in one of these sites.

For example if you bought a foundation on Amazon, and it was not delivered or if you need to return these items you should write and contact the shop in which you bought this product.

I am not selling anything. I am just talking about different products that I have tested or that I have found after a deep research, that are well rated and popular. For any query related to purchases in these sites you should contact these vendor sites, as they will be able to happily resolve your issue.

If you bought a product on Amazon or any other vendor, you should contact the seller and explain the situation. If the seller does not respond to you or fails to resolve your issue, you should contact Amazon (or the online shop) and ask for a refund. 

Trust & Transparency

All my reviews and recommendations are written by me and I will only share what I experienced, based on my impressions. If there is a product on this site that I have not tested, it is because the product is proven by qualitative and quantitative analysis.

I love when I have great reviews and to talk about products that are amazing, but in real life everything has pros and cons, so I am here to share everything. What I love of course and what I don’t like, be sure that I will report it too.

Contact Me

In case you have more questions or if you have suggestions, you can always contact me on psrios(at) I will be happy to answer all your queries and don’t worry because I am quick to answer.

If you think that there are one or more affiliate programs that I should be aware of, feel free to contact me now and I will be happy to analyze. If after analyzing, I see the affiliate company is a good fit, then why not to start working with it.