11 Powerful Ways To Boost Your Confidence Starting Today

By Patricia Rios

Let’s face it, there are days that we are not motivated, let alone feeling “it”. During these days, our self esteem suffer and when this happen, we need to find ways and tools to get us back on track.

It is essential to feel our feelings; a few things can help us go through them and boost our self-confidence!

Start by Meditating

If you don’t know what is causing you to feel this way, it’s a good idea to take some quiet time to reflect on what is happening. Write down what is bothering you and what you can do to improve these things in the short and long term!

Regular Exercise

Start small and increase little by little. Start with something fun and won’t require too much from you, but it’s enough to give you initial results. For example, you can start walking in the park or the beach or dance at home.

The most important thing is to get started. If you plan something too complex, you will likely get caught in analysis paralysis. Once you regain your confidence, you can start going to the gym or dancing classes; the opportunities are endless.

Healthy Diet

Spend some time to plan a healthy diet, and cut off excess of sweets and junk food. Eat more fruits and vegetables and comfort food. Go natural as much as possible to restore your diet and boost your self-confidence.


Drink more water, but in moderation, because even excess water is not suitable for health. You can also try tea, smoothies, green juices, and other refreshing drinks.

Sleep Well

A good night’s sleep will restore your body and mind. The secret to sleeping well is not to thing about problems once you lie on bed, make sure to empty your mind from worries. Think with me, you are not going to sort anything at this point, you are in bed! So it is a total waste of time.

To help you get in the mood, you can use sleeping meditations with relaxation techniques and play positive affirmations. Additionally, try to detach from social media and other stimuli, such as lightning and TV, one hour before sleeping.

Skincare Routine

Take proper skin care, and find products ideal for your skin type and concerns. Sitck with a morning and evening routine, always cleanse your face and use a good moisturizing. These two simple things can improve your skin texture and reduce signs of age.

Experiment with Makeup

It is nice to try different makeup techniques, such as contouring to help shape your face, adding a little brush, and adding a little color to the lips. What about trying an eyelash extension? If you don’t like foundation, experiment with CC creams or tinted moisturizers, add a little bit of blush and a lipstick and you are ready to go!

New Hair Style

Change your hair color. If you have been brunette for so long, try a chocolate or bronze color. If you are blond, try some highlights and do a nice haircut that matches your facial shape. Also, hydrate your hair once a week.

Get your nails Done.

You can do it at home. Adding a little color to your nails will help you feel more confident and improve your body language. People will see how polished you look when you express yourself with your hands.

Revamp Your clothes

Are your clothes outdated? Maybe is time to get some new clothes you don have to break the bank but you can find a couple of looks that will reflect on the new phase you will enter!


Patricia Rios

I have been writing makeup and beauty content for more than ten years. My passion is to uplift you, my reader, to feel better about yourself.

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