Fulani Braids: Get Inspired & Learn How To Take Care!

By Patricia Rios

Fulani Braids are beautiful and efficient ways to get our hair styled and in place. In this article, let’s look at some straightforward advice you should consider to prep your hair for the style and how to maintain it for longer!

Traditional African hairstyle showcased.

How Long Do Fulani Braids Last? 

Fulani Braids may last 3 to 6 weeks, depending on how you properly care for them! It may vary from 4 to 6 hours for a full head.

It is essential not to use the braids for longer than six weeks, as you must take them down to clean the scalp properly. 

Intricate cornrow patterns displayed.

Does It Hurt?

You can feel a little pain and discomfort in the first three days until you get used to the new hairstyle, as they need to be very tidy. You tend to feel less pain at peace and continue to use the technique over time.

Protective hairstyle with cultural roots illustrated.

Prepping your hair for Fulani Braids

Your hair should be firm enough to receive the braids; for this reason, I advise you to keep a weekly deep conditioning routine. You can use restorative and nourishing hair masks for this. If your hair is fragile, wait until it gets better. 

An example of iconic African hair artistry.

When your hair is ready, it is a good idea to moisturize your hair the day before your braid appointment so you can prepare the hair for the new style.

How To Maintain The Style

When you style your hair like this, you won’t need to wash your hair every day; some people like to wash the hair every two weeks (or even longer).

A close-up of detailed African hair braiding.

1. Wash & Moist

Use a sulfate-free, salt-free shampoo for washing, as those won’t dry your hair out. Then, Choose a nourishing deep conditioner to keep them moisturized. 

You can also use clarifying shampoo if you feel your hair gets too oily, and for those days you don’t have time, it is OK to use a dry shampoo.

Elaborate ethnic plaiting presented.

2. Finalize

Once the hair is dry, apply an excellent quality oil such as Moroccan oil to give it a glint of shine and bounceness. Additionally, you can use a water-based moisturizing spray and oil scalp drops.

Hairstyle featuring distinctive tribal patterns.

3. Sleep with a silk or satin cap

By doing this, you can reduce frizz and let the braids in place; you can even use the caps during the day at home.

Intricate braiding showcasing cultural pride.

What to do if I go swimming?

It is better to avoid these activities, but if you don’t want to give up a good day on the beach or in the swimming pool, use swimming caps and moisturize your hair as soon as you return home!

Symmetrical tribal braids in a modern style.

What To Do After Removing

Once you remove the Fulani Braids, keep hydrating weekly, keep the hair detangled, and use many hair oils to protect the strands. 

Model exhibiting classic Fulani braids.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Much Does It Cost?

It can vary depending on the area in which you live, but it can cost between $150 and $400.

A modern take on classic tribal braids.

Final Takes & Warnings

Fulani Braids are beautiful; the more you care for them, the better and the longer it will take. Just be aware not to do it so often as the traction will force the hair over time, causing breakers on the roots and even leading to traction alopecia, which provokes hair fall. 

A showcase of African braid craftsmanship.

If you have fine hair (especially around the hairline), it is best not to proceed with the technique. For those who would still like to do so, avoid extra thick braids as they can be heavier.

Style Inspiration

Fulani braids are timeless! No matter the occasion, they are always a pretty way to style yourself. In this article, I hand-picked 45 trendy styles to help you get inspired and revamp your looks with these beautiful ideas!

Curls And Braids

Fulani Braids Ideas

Thick Braids

Hair Style For black woman

A Splash Of Color

Trendy cultural hair style

Angled Lines

A display of classic tribal braids.
Detailed view of ethnic braid craftsmanship.
Intricate designs of cultural braid patterns.
Elegant Fulani braid styling presented.

Heart Shape Braids

Showcase of heritage-rich Fulani patterns.

Curvy Shapes

Elegant rows of Fulani-inspired braiding
A model sporting traditional Fulani braiding.
Traditional hair braiding with modern twists.
Creative variations of ethnic braiding techniques.

Tribal Inspiration

The art of African hair threading shown.
Beaded and embellished African braids.
A blend of contemporary and traditional braid styles.
A display of rich African hairstyling heritage.
Exquisite patterns in traditional braid art.
Fusion of traditional braiding with modern fashion.
Hairstyle embodying African cultural aesthetics.
Unique patterns in tribal-inspired braiding.
Iconic Fulani braids with cultural significance.
Stylish interpretation of traditional braid techniques.
Exemplary traditional braiding style depicted.
Ethnic braiding that celebrates cultural heritage.
Stylish and traditional African hair braiding.
Detailed craftsmanship in ethnic hair styling.

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