12 Habits of Successful Women You Can Start Now!

By Patricia Rios

Today, let’s talk about these successes in the bigger picture, the ones you are rewarded for, and how you want people to see and respect you. I have been analyzing various women of success throughout the story, and it is fascinating to see how we can find patterns that we can easily apply in our lives starting today!

1. Self Challenge Is Key 

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Don’t be afraid to accept challenges! When you feel that things are getting too cold, or if you are not satisfied with what you are experiencing now, maybe it is time to get out of your comfort zone and start something new. 

Self Challenge Is Key 

What about learning a new language, looking for another job, starting that gym subscription, exercising at home, starting a new diet, and the list goes endless? Take time to analyze what is bothering you and what you can do to challenge yourself to succeed!

2. Self Education

What is it that you need to learn that you’ve been procrastinating? Do you want a promotion? Why not take some time to learn new skills? Are you looking for a boyfriend or want to improve your current relationship? Maybe it is time to get some dating advice books or online training.

Self Education

Maybe you want to start a new business, look for online training, and research online to understand what skills you need to learn to do an excellent job on that;

3. Goal Setting

Write down your goals, reflect, meditate, and pray daily. Set your main goals and break them down into baby steps; this way, you won’t feel overwhelmed and can celebrate each small success one step at a time.

Goal Setting

4. Learn From the Mistakes

At the same time that it is essential to let go of the past, it is also important to get back in time to reflect and understand what happened and how you could have done it differently. This is especially useful if you find yourself experiencing the same patterns of situations and behaviors over and over again.

Learn From the Mistakes

If something in your life is bothering you, meditate on it to understand what paths led you to this, identify possible mistakes, and learn from them!

5. Find Your Balance

It is effortless to lose track and feel overwhelmed after many demands. That’s why finding the balance between working and personal life is vital. By working more, you may be sacrificing your well-being, which will not lead to productivity; instead, this may burn out your creativity.

7. Be Wise With Money

It is essential to spend your money wisely. For example, if you want to do better in business, invest in it first instead of buying everything out there or spending on expensive travel. 

8. Set a Self Care Routine

Your well-being should be the number one task on your list. If you are not well, all sorts of things will unfold. This includes time to take care of your hair and skin, to improve how you feel about yours, and your strength to continue.

In the same way, time for relaxation and self-affirmations, prayer, and meditation will help you be more successful in your life.

9. Put Your Best Shoes Out There

Being kind and looking your best will make you feel good about yourself and pass the message of respect to others. Also, be kind and polite, avoid gossip, and take care of other people’s lives, as it can attract weighty energy that will weigh down your vibe and, consequently, your success.

10. Be Grateful

Being grateful makes you adopt a positive attitude, which is extremely important for your success. This can be hard sometimes, but the secret is to practice it every day even if you don’t feel so. Challenge your default mode who wants to complain and confront it, and if you insist, you will notice yourself being grateful more and more often!

10. Celebrate Every Victory

Celebrate every little and big victory to create celebration circuits in your brain. You also call in the vibes and get attention out of failures. It feels good, and the more you do that, the more you will have to celebrate!

11. Stress & Anger management

Make sure to have a process for those days you feel overwhelmed by all sorts of feelings so they won’t catch you unprepared. We all have these days, so it is essential to be prepared.

12. Select Your Peers

Hand pick the ones that you are going to keep close to you, quantity is not quality! You are the relection of people that surrounds you so choose them wisely! 

Final Takes

Success can mean money, status, comfort, and achieving our goals. They are great things that we chase in life and feel fantastic. However, there are days when we may not feel any of them, or one thing is working out, but another is not. During these times, real success is to look at yourself and live and be grateful, keeping your hopes and staging steady. 

Sometimes, the marriage needs adjustments, the career is demanding too much, and one zillion things happen; life goes on, and all we need is some quiet time. For all these times, true success is to pat yourself on the back and say you are unique, so don’t worry, and be happy.


Patricia Rios

I have been writing makeup and beauty content for more than ten years. My passion is to uplift you, my reader, to feel better about yourself.

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