Eye Makeup with Glasses: TOP Tips To Make Your Eyes Stand Up 

By Patricia Rios

Wearing glasses doesn’t mean your eye makeup can’t shine! Discover the best tips and tricks to make your eyes stand out and look fabulous behind your frames.

Eye Makeup with Glasses

Eye Makeup with Glasses

Take a look at this video from a very well-known makeup influencer, to help you out with the best tips about facial makeup with glasses. Down below you can find a summary of the video, in case you don’t have time to watch it!

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  • Apply minimal foundation on your nose to avoid dents and marks.
  • Use an oil-absorbing primer or matte foundation if you have oily skin.
  • Apply foundation lightly, especially where your glasses sit, and use pinpoint concealing for extra coverage on specific areas.


  • Use a light-reflective concealer around your eyes to counteract shadows from glasses.
  • For long-lasting coverage, mix a non-creasing concealer with a light-reflective one.
  • Apply primer on your eyelids and under your eyes to prevent creasing and sliding.

Eye Makeup

  • Tailor your eye makeup based on whether your glasses magnify or minimize your eyes:
    • For magnified eyes: Use matte shades, well-blended eyeliner, and avoid heavy glitter.
    • For minimized eyes: Use light shades to open up your eyes, light eyeliner, and avoid dark waterlines.


  • Curl your lashes to prevent them from touching the lenses.
  • Use a waterproof or long-lasting mascara to avoid smudging.
  • For magnified eyes: Choose a separating mascara and comb through to avoid clumps.
  • For minimized eyes: Use volumizing mascara to enhance the lashes.


  • Keep brows groomed and clean up stray hairs, especially if they are magnified by your lenses.
  • Avoid making brows too dark if your frames are heavy and dark to maintain balance.

Finishing Touches:

  • Set foundation and concealer with powder, especially on oily areas.
  • Use highlighter to add light to areas around your eyes, adjusting the intensity based on magnification.
  • Apply blush and lipstick as usual, considering your overall look and personal style.

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