Charcoal Vs Clay Mask: What’s Better?

By Patricia Rios

Charcoal Masks are one of the best treatments for purifying your skin. It is an excellent ally for oiliness balancing, pore minimization, great protection from free radicals (pollution, toxins), and is perfect for removing makeup residuals.

Clay masks are composed of processed silicate microparticles and some metals such as aluminum, manganese, sodium, and iron. They can be found as a powder that should be mixed with water and applied to the face.

You can find different clay masks with different colors, compositions, and functions. For example, they are pink, gray, black, green, white, red, and brown colors.

Charcoal Vs Clay Masks: Which One Is Better?

Charcoal Masks and clay masks are very similar in terms of benefits. Both masks are natural, purifying, astringent, healing, control oleosity, and provide deeper cleansing.

Charcoal Vs Clay Mask
  • Clay masks: Better for sensitive, dry, and normal skin
  • Charcoal Masks: Better for Normal, Combination, and oily skin

To define which is better, you need to consider your skin type and the concern you plan to treat:

  • If you have dry skin, it is best to choose a clay mask because it is less drying than charcoal masks.
  • For oily skin, you may prefer charcoal masks, which will be more effective while controlling the oils from the skin.
  • For sensitive skin, it can be a good idea to pick clay masks, as the pink and white clay mask is ideal for treating this kind of issue.

In addition to all that, it has a light exfoliating effect, which helps you renew skin cells, giving you a glowy, soft, and smooth complexion. You can find charcoal as a cosmetic cream, or you can buy it in the form of powder or capsule and mix it with water.

Can I MIX Charcoal And Clay Mask?

Yes, you can do that without problems. You can find some cosmetics that contain both ingredients, but you can do your DIY mix at home as well. Another idea is to apply a clay mask in one area of the face and a charcoal mask in a different area.

How to Choose Charcoal or Clay Masks?

For clay masks, take a look at the colors and their properties and check if there is something that will address your


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