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How To Fix Dry Mascara Simply & Effectively

Can You Fix Dry Mascara? Yes. However, our eyes are very sensible and susceptible to getting affected by bacteria that happens when the mascara exceeds its shelf life.

How To Fix Dry Mascara

How To Fix Dry Mascara?

1. Using Eye drops

Add 3 drops then gradually mix and test until you see your mascara is no longer dried. The number of eyedrops will depend on how dry your mascara is and of course the temperature of your surroundings.

2. Using Contact Lenses Solution

The method is very similar to the one we have just shared with you a minute ago. The number of droplets depends on your mascara condition. Start with three drops to be on the safe side, and then add more if needed.

3. Hot Water Bath

Don’t add hot water inside the mascara tube! Instead, pour hot water into a mug and leave your mascara (which should be closed) in the hot water.

  1. Boil Hot weather and pour it into a cup
  2. Put your dry mascara in the cup
  3. Leave for a few minutes

4. Baby Oil or Vaseline

Heat the baby oil or Vaseline a little in the microwave, Add a few drops to the mascara tube. Stir in with the mascara wand

If your eyes are very sensitive, you better not try this method, as baby oil and vaseline may cause some irritation for some people.

Which Method Is The Winner?

In my opinion, the winning method is to add eye drops to your mascara, because it is quick and safer.

Eye drop solutions are specially designed for our eyes and everybody has used them at least once in life.

Another good practice is to use the hot water bath method right after adding the eye drops which will help if your mascara is super dry. 

How To Prevent Your Mascara From Drying

1. Keep your mascara closed at all times

Sometimes when we are applying the mascara, we can forget it open and move ahead to apply eyeliner, shadow, and so on. Make sure you leave it open only while applying it on your lashes, nothing else!

2. Don’t Pump Your Wand in and out

Don’t open and close it too much in a short interval. Make sure you open your mascara only as needed and avoid getting the wand in and out repetitively and quickly.

3. Do not exposure your mask to the sun or too much air

Make sure you store your mascara at a good temperature, not too hot, not too cold, so you can avoid it getting dry.

  1. Don’t add water

I know we can add water externally but never add water directly to your mascara, and it will affect the final quality of the product.

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How Long Does It Take For Mascara To Dry Out?

According to Dummies.com, eyelash mascaras should be replaced every three months, but many dermatologists say it is okay to wait for 6 months. This is because it can transfer bacteria from the mascara to your eyes and vice versa. 

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