Copycat Starbucks Pink Drink Recipe

By Patricia Rios

When it comes to simple, refreshing iced beverages that are creamy and delicious, this Copycat Starbucks Pink Drink recipe is hands down one of the best, not to mention so easy to make.

Copycat Starbucks Pink Drink Recipe

All you need is a 16-ounce cup filled with five simple ingredients, and you’ll be drinking your way through creamy strawberry bliss. Whether you’re in the mood for coffee or something fruity, this drink won’t disappoint.


  • 1 cup Tazo Iced Passion herbal tea concentrate (not the tea bags)
  • 1 packet Starbucks VIA Instant Refreshers Very Berry Hibiscus
  • 2 cups coconut milk
  • 16 ounces water
  • Ice
  • 2 cups strawberries (fresh or frozen)


Prepare Ingredients:

  • Fill a 16-oz cup halfway with ice and set aside.
  • Rinse and slice strawberries in half and set aside.

Mix the Tea:

  • Using a large measuring cup, fill with 16-oz of cold water.
  • Pour in 1 Instant refresher packet and mix to combine.
  • Add 1 cup Tazo Iced Passion tea concentrate and mix well to combine.

Assemble the Drink:

  • Pour 1/4 of the tea mixture into the cup over ice until halfway full.
  • Add sliced strawberries (about 1/2 cup) and top with coconut milk to fill the glass.
  • Stir to combine.


  • Cover the remaining tea mixture and store it in the fridge for later, or continue making drinks.
  • Serve immediately.

Is Starbucks Pink Drink Healthy?

Starbucks’ pink drink is a far healthier option than some of the other high-sugar drinks they sell. It is made with coconut milk, which can be sweetened or unsweetened. Overall, making the pink drink from Starbucks is a healthier option that won’t disappoint.

Does Starbucks Pink Drink Have Caffeine?

Yes, the pink drink is lightly caffeinated. The caffeine comes from the green coffee extract in the Very Berry Hibiscus instant tea refresher, which contains about 45mg of caffeine per 16-oz serving.

Additional Sweetness

If you want to tweak your Starbucks pink drink recipe and add a little more sweetness, try adding agave or honey for the perfect subtle touch.


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